Welcome to The Link

Last fall, we sent a survey to our Think Forward newsletter readers to find out how we can do a better job sharing updates about Metrolinx.

The feedback was honest and helpful. Among other insights,
we learned that you…

  • found the newsletter fairly effective in keeping you informed
  • liked the frequency but could use more
  • would prefer less content in the emails
  • prefer hearing about things as they happen

We looked at the data, the other ways people access information, and some best practice examples. From there, we decided to upgrade our newsletter to a blog — and while we were at it, we changed the name, too.

First, the blog vs newsletter format. While we felt the newsletter was good and meeting the needs of many of our readers, we also knew it could be better, especially when it came to timeliness. In some cases, we were sharing “news” that happened months before, offering less value to our more engaged readers. With the blog, we are able to share updates and stories when they are timely and relevant. We will continue to send emails for those of you who appreciate the news in your inbox. Those emails will now simply include previews and links to activity here on the blog.

As for the name, we wanted the blog to represent our organization’s goal to connect with you about what we’re doing, but also, in a broader sense, to embody the connections Metrolinx is making by planning, building and operating regional transportation solutions.

Welcome to The Link.

We’re keen to hear your feedback on the blog or if there’s a topic you want covered; email us at thelink@metrolinx.com.