Union Station’s Bay Concourse

Last renovated in 1975, the Bay Concourse was closed for renovations a year ago this week. The final design will resemble the new GO York Concourse (hurray) and is expected to be completed late next year. Once the whole Union Revitalization project is complete, we (together, with the City of Toronto) will have tripled the size of the GO concourse, providing better platform access, more food and convenience options, and a comfortable place to await your platform number to come up.

Whether you loved the old concourse for its nostalgic appeal – or deemed it dreadfully out of date, this was a place that had us collectively eating Blizzards, while staring at departure screens, moments before scurrying up those familiar caramel-coloured stairs.

Alas, the site no longer resembles the concourse of old. Tiles have been stripped, diggers have dug, and columns will be replaced – all in the name of progress. Sometimes, progress requires patience, and we thank all of those who move through Union for theirs.

March 2015


June 2016