Metrolinx Board Meeting – Feb 2017

The Metrolinx Board of Directors met today to receive a number of reports, including updates on PRESTO, the Regional Express Rail program, fare integration, and the actions Metrolinx is taking to ensure better value for money in the delivery of its construction projects.



PRESTO Executive Vice President Rob Hollis provided a PRESTO update.

Rob’s report noted that in December 2016, Metrolinx reached the goal of completing its accelerated device rollout across the TTC by the end of the year. This included the installation of nearly 5000 PRESTO devices throughout the TTC network.

His report also provided updates on device reliability, self-serve reload machines, increasing PRESTO adoption, and TTC rollout plans for 2017.

View the PRESTO update


RER Update – Level Crossings


Chief Capital Officer John Jensen and Chief Operating Officer Greg Percy presented a Regional Express Rail (RER) Level Crossings Strategy to the Board for direction.

Their presentation covered:

  • a review of level crossings and plans for improvements
  • safety and education initiatives
  • the launch of a region wide Community Advisory Committee on level crossings, and
  • approval of 10 complex/priority grade separation projects subject to municipal agreement.

View the RER level crossings presentation


Fare Integration Update

Chief Planning Officer Leslie Woo provided a GTHA Fare Integration Update.


Leslie’s presentation noted that:

  • work continues to complete a business case for a regional fare integration structure
  • a fourth concept, fare by distance, has been added for evaluation
  • more analysis is being undertaken to better understand access and equity impacts, and
  • additional work has been identified as necessary to inform recommendations in relation to customer/traveller impacts, fare concessions and products and approaches to implementation.

View the fare integration report


Action Plan for Metrolinx Transit Construction Contract Awarding and Oversight

Chief Financial Officer Robert Siddall spoke to the Board about the actions Metrolinx is taking to respond to the recommendations from the recent Auditor General’s report and ensure better value for money in the delivery of its construction projects.

Robert noted that Metrolinx’s action plan has two components:

  • immediate actions to be put in place, and,
  • further improvements for construction procurement and oversight to be implemented in the near future.

View the action plan


Customer Experience Committee Update


Marianne McKenna, Chair of Metrolinx’s Customer Experience Committee, provided a
quarterly update on current topics of focus for the Committee, including:

  • opportunities to improve how GO and UP Express communicate service information to customers
  • the recent introduction of corridor-specific Twitter handles in response to customer feedback, and
  • opportunities to secure a transportation partner that would connect passengers to and from UP Express.

The Committee also discussed that work is underway to develop the Design Excellence Principles and Requirements documents for both the Hamilton and Hurontario LRT projects and that the procurement of Technical Advisors for the Davenport Diamond Grade Separation project is now complete.

View the CEC update


Bombardier Update

Metrolinx President & CEO Bruce McCuaig and Board Chair Rob Prichard provided an update on the Bombardier Transportation’s claims.

View the Chair’s statement


Quarterly Team Reports

Updates on our PRESTO, Operations, Planning and Policy, Communications and Public Affairs, and Capital Projects groups were submitted to the Board.