Metrolinx Board Meeting – Sept 2017

The Metrolinx Board of Directors met today to receive a number of reports, including updates on PRESTO, Metrolinx’s capital projects, the next Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and fare integration. Board Chair Rob Prichard addressed his correspondence with Minister Del Duca on the proposed Kirby Road and Lawrence East GO stations, which confirms that Metrolinx will not enter into any obligations or agreements unless and until management and the Board are satisfied these stations are justified, and that the Minister will respect and support whatever conclusion the Board reaches.


 The Next Regional Transportation Plan: Draft Plan for Public Consultation


Chief Planning Officer Leslie Woo presented the Draft 2041 RTP. The RTP guides the work being done to transform the transportation network in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. We continue to deliver on our plan, with over $30 billion in investment in our region’s rapid transit network today.

A review of the RTP has been underway since 2015 and we are excited to release the updated Draft Plan. The Board provided direction on the start of public consultation on the Draft Plan, which will include public roundtable meetings, events across the region and engagement through between September and December. Leslie will report back to the Board in December with the recommended final version of the RTP.

Metrolinx and its partners are building a better future for transportation for all of us. Today. Tomorrow. Together. See the Draft Plan and stay tuned for the launch of the public consultation.




PRESTO Executive Vice President Rob Hollis provided an update on the PRESTO retail partnership with Loblaw, which entails Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Toronto selling PRESTO cards and offering PRESTO services. Expansion is currently underway. With more Shoppers locations selling and loading PRESTO cards, it’s easier for more people to access transit.

Rob provided updates on PRESTO deployment on the TTC, PRESTO upgrade plans, and TTC rollout plans for 2017. He also spoke to the work underway to ensure Metrolinx is protecting customer privacy.

View the PRESTO progress update


Capital Projects Group Update

Chief Capital Officer Peter M. Zuk delivered a progress update on our Rapid Transit projects and Regional Express Rail program, which includes elements such as hydrogen trains, Union Station, extensions, environmental assessments and SmartTrack stations.

Building the right infrastructure is a critical step in delivering a more integrated transit network for the region.

See the update


GTHA Fare Integration Update


Chief Planning Officer Leslie Woo provided an update on the work underway to create an integrated fare strategy. A formal and inclusive decision-making process needs to be put in place to establish the longer-term GTHA fare structure vision.

The Metrolinx Board endorsed the phased strategy outlined by Leslie in the report. A follow-up report will be shared with the Board in December, outlining the means to advance the strategy.

See the update


Auditor General Follow-up

The Director of Internal Audit, Peggy Gilmour, updated the Board on the current status and preliminary results of follow-up activities related to the Auditor General’s findings. This includes two separate follow-up audits based on the 2012 and 2014 Value-for-Money Audits of the Regional Transportation Plan, as well as the Auditor General’s 2016 Audit of Metrolinx – Public Transit Construction Contract Awarding and Oversight.

See the status update


Customer Experience Committee Update

Marianne McKenna, Chair of Metrolinx’s Customer Experience Committee, reviewed recent items of discussion for the Committee, such as:

  • new bus routes and expanded service on our rail corridors
  • digital signs on accessibility coaches
  • increasing PRESTO card adoption and system upgrades
  • design excellence work underway  to develop a cohesive set of customer experience DesignExcellenece_2017guidelines for stations, vehicles and customer service that will guide all capital projects.

This Committee meets periodically to discuss initiatives and/or issues with potential to influence the overall customer experience.

View the full Customer Experience Committee Chair Report


Appointment of Officers

The Board accepted the appointment of executive officers at Metrolinx. Phil Verster starts as the new Metrolinx CEO on October 1. Thom Budd is the new Vice President, Network Infrastructure and Darryl Browne is the new Vice President, Transit Operations.

View the Appointment of Officers Memo

Corporate Reports  AnnualReport_1617

The 2016-2017 Annual Report, 2017-2018 Business Plan and the new Enterprise Risk Management Policy and Framework were approved to the Board.


Quarterly Team Reports

Updates on our PRESTO, Operations, Planning and Policy, Capital Projects, Communications & Public Affairs and Customer Experience and Marketing groups were submitted to the Board.