A Cookie Monster with a Conscience

Gino Cookie Monster_Oct 12

Metrolinx Customer Attendant Gino Perri was working this week on the Lakeshore East GO train, when he came across a case of Girl Guide cookies. Now he loves cookies as much as anyone, but he thought right away of the Girl Guide who had forgotten them and how important it was to get them back to her.

He picked up the box to make sure it found its way to the Metrolinx Lost and Found and, in the meantime, made a call to the Girl Guides Head Office to let them know he found the missing cookies. He spoke with the Cookie Administrative Assistant of the Girl Guides of Canada (how can I get that job?!) and they began making arrangements to return the lost cookies, when Gino’s inner cookie monster won out and he decided he would simply buy them all to save them a trip!

“Gino went above and beyond to purchase the cookies in support of Girl Guides of Canada and we want to express our appreciation for the excellent service provided,” the Cookie Administrative Assistant said. Gino is going to make a lot of friends around the office with all of those extra cookies to share thanks to a hard-working Girl Guide’s very happy mistake!