Community Connections: Welcome to Grimsby

It’s known as the ‘Gateway to Niagara’ but that little place nestled between Lake Ontario and the escarpment shouldn’t be mistaken as simply a signpost.

The historic town of Grimsby holds its own both as a destination and a bedroom community. Just ask Luca Vatali, who decided to call it home after moving from Italy eight years ago.

“I like the small town feeling,” the small business owner said. “I like a place where you know the people you’re talking to.”

The shops in downtown Grimsby offer some of that old school charm and its heritage can be seen in the 19th century architecture scattered throughout.

While preserving that history, the town is also preparing for more growth. The population has already increased by 12% since 2006 and more development along the waterfront is taking place.

“We’re finding a lot more opportunities now,” Grimsby Mayor Bob Bentley said. “The growth around the Golden Horseshoe is coming to us. We’re next.”

Making better connections with Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara Falls, beyond just the QEW, has become a major priority. That’s why plans for regional transit and the future Grimsby GO Station are being celebrated.


More than 25 kilometres of new track and signals along the Niagara corridor are being planned. The brand-new Grimsby GO station is expected to in service by 2021.

“It’s going to provide us better access to amenities within an hour of us,” Bentley said.

Not only will residents be able to get to their destinations easier, but more visitors will get the chance to pay this small town a visit as well.

Should they stop by Vatali’s store for a taste of old Italy in historic downtown Grimsby, they’ll no doubt be welcomed with open arms.

“When new people are coming to our town it’s always a great feeling.”