Toronto Police officer saves young woman at Ajax GO Station

As a 28-year veteran of the Toronto Police Services, Sgt. Amarjit Singh, has unfortunately attended many fatalities. It’s not uncommon to be called in by GO Transit to assist with suicides involving trains.

Early Friday morning, though, as he awaited his train to arrive at Ajax GO Station, Sgt. Singh had to intervene and save a life — and did so without thinking twice about the risk to his own life.

“I was standing on the platform with many other GO passengers waiting for my train to arrive—just like I do most days,” Sgt. Singh said a few hours later.

“I looked over and saw a young woman in distress and knew I had to act fast.”

As a result of his bravery and quick thinking the young woman was given a second chance to get the help she needs.

Just off the phone with a very humble & brave @TorontoPolice Sergeant Amarjit Singh in @TrafficServices. He helped save a woman’s life today at Ajax GO. While off duty & on his way to work he spotted a desperate soul determined to end her life 1/3

— Anne Marie Aikins (@femwriter) May 18, 2018

Without thought about the risk to his own life, Sergeant Singh rescued a young woman from the tracks after a struggle. In that terrifying moment this morning he didn’t know if a train was coming. He convinced her to try to live one more day & hopefully she’s now getting help 2/3

— Anne Marie Aikins (@femwriter) May 18, 2018

Thank you from all of us @Metrolinx Sergeant Singh. You are a hero for going above & beyond the call of duty @TorontoPolice @TPSOperations @TrafficServices @TPSChrisBoddy 3/3

— Anne Marie Aikins (@femwriter) May 18, 2018

She had been lying on the tracks and threatening to end her life. Sgt. Singh intervened, holding her away from the tracks, and stayed with her as she kept threatening to return to the tracks.

Not in uniform and without a radio or gear, he felt vulnerable.

“I was unable to radio for help and that made me concerned but I just couldn’t leave her there,” he said, while still processing what had just happened.

Singh didn’t know GO staff had radioed the Transit Control Centre so the trains were holding until everyone was safely off the tracks.

In that moment the young woman was desperate, he said, and felt she had no other choice but to end her life. She struggled to keep him away. The officer was determined though and did not give up.

The woman was eventually apprehended by Durham Region Police.

Distress Signs
Safety and mental health help signs on the Union Station platform

Metrolinx’s Transit Safety Office has received 75 calls for service related to mental health in 2018. Fourteen of the 75 calls have been suicide related.

If you or anyone you know needs to talk, Metrolinx partners with ConnexOntario to post hundreds of signs across our network. Call 1-866-531-2600.