CBC’s Metro Morning live at Hamilton GO

Host Matt Galloway brings his radio program to the Hamilton GO station as part of CBC Toronto’s “Priced Out” series

Hamilton commuters and fans were lining up and arriving as early as 5:00 a.m. to catch a glimpse and listen in on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning on Wednesday.

Host Matt Galloway and team took over part of the atrium at Hamilton’s prominent Hunter Street station for special live broadcast.

While the show focused largely on affordable housing and being “priced out” of Toronto’s rental and real estate markets, the Metro Morning team highlighted the historical significance of Hamilton GO Centre and its Art Deco architecture.

The highlight of the show was a “race” challenge between two Hamiltonians who commute into downtown Toronto every morning for work.

Driver Billy Wolf opted to get behind the wheel of his car and drive along the QEW. While it seemed he was off to a speedy start, his competitor, Lakeshore West GO customer Jenna Pettinato, ended up arriving at Union Station at least 15 minutes ahead of Wolf.

Pettinato called the commute very smooth and quiet. Adding, GO Transit is clearly the winner and better way to commute into Toronto every morning.

The GO Transit Safety team was also at Hamilton GO this morning, speaking to passengers about their role as Special Constables as well as promoting Rail Safety Week in an effort to #StopTrackTragedies


Hamilton’s Mayor was one of the most recognizable residents to stop by the GO Centre this morning. He spoke at length about affordable housing and the “priced out” of Toronto effect is having on his city.


Galloway’s personal style, on this day, caught the attention of many GO Transit riders rushing to catch the 16 Hamilton Express buses or Lakeshore West trains. Galloway opted to wear a black t-shirt, with a noticeable nod to public transit in Steeltown.