Love on the GO: How one couple found love on a train platform

They put the cute in commute: A Toronto couple who found love on the GO gets ready to say ‘I do’

She was a commuter, enamoured by a mysterious man standing on a GO train platform.

Morning after morning, Jen Armel couldn’t help but stare.

However, Jonathan Slobodsky, the unknowing man of her affection, was always staring intently at his phone.

It only makes sense that this blossoming display of love unfolded at GO Transit’s aptly-named Exhibition station.

“He was tall, he was handsome,” Armel laughs. “There was something that was just compelling me towards him.”

Three years later, Armel is preparing to marry the man she dubbed “train boy” to her friends.

Jonathan Slobodsky and Jen Armel pose for their engagement photos at Union Station on Oct. 24, 2018

“I noticed him on the Lakeshore West train and continued to see him,” she said. “One day he just wasn’t showing up and then I stopped seeing him.”

She told her friends about ‘train boy’ and how she wondered if she missed her chance.

Then, one night about five months after she first saw him, she noticed a friend added him to the social media website LinkedIn.

“I clicked on his profile to learn more about him,” Armel said. “Finally I got the courage to message him on Facebook.”

Slobodsky responded by saying he didn’t know who Armel was, but the couple continued to talk. Their conversation eventually turned into a movie date.

“And the rest is history,” Armel said.

Slobodsky proposed to Armel on January 20th of this year.

“It’s pretty funny,” Slobodsky says of his nickname. “I don’t think I am going to live that one down for a while.”

To celebrate how their relationship first started, the couple took their engagement photos on a GO train platform at Union Station this fall.

Armel says their love is call to all commuters that anything can happen while in transit.

“I think that people should look up from their phones more often and pay attention to what’s going on around them because they can meet their own train boy or train girl and you never know,” she said.

The couple plans on tying the knot next September in Stouffville.