Families line up to see inside the GO bus at the AutoShow.

Metrolinx stands out with one of the Canadian International AutoShow’s biggest hits

Parked alongside some of the world’s most attractive vehicles, the GO bus has proven to be an unusual showstopper, with lineups eager to sit behind the wheel.

Surrounded by more than 1,000 other vehicles now displayed at the Canadian International AutoShow – from a rare 1937 Cadillac to a futuristic Devel Sixteen hyper-car prototype – the GO bus stands out.

 Which may be one of the reasons why our D4500CT coach is attracting a social media following and lines of admirers – even those too young to have a driver’s license.

 It’s the first time the CIAS, running until February 24 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, has featured a GO bus in its lineup. The public transit star sits on the south side, 800 level of the convention centre, alongside legendary nameplates, such as Maserati, Porsche and Jaguar.

 And while they might be a bit jealous, when you’re this big, you’re bound to be a centre of attention.

A small child talks into the mic used on the GO bus.
Who says driver announcements can’t be adorable? Bus visitors, including three year old Lucy, were able to experience everything the driver does – besides actually driving the bus! (photo by Sara Wilbur)
A young boy struggles to see over the wheel of the GO bus.
Sitting in the driver’s seat this little guy can experience what our driver’s see on their daily routes. Well, almost. (Photo by Sara Wilbur)
A young girl sits with her father inside the GO bus.
Comfortable seating means this little lady’s father had to work extra hard at convincing her that it was time to go. (photo by Sara Wilbur)
A young boy, Seamus Wicksted, sits behind the wheel of the GO bus.
After he and his family took the GO train from Barrie, six-year-old public transit fan, Seamus Wicksted, takes the wheel of the GO bus. (Photo by Anne Marie Aikins)
Crowds line up to see inside the GO bus at the International AutoShow.
Crowds of all ages lined up to check out the bus, test out the steering wheel and take pictures. (photo by Sara Wilbur)
Two small children get up close to meet GO Bear, the fuzzy bear mascot for GO.
Bus visitors were greeted by the cuddliest host – the GO Bear – who was available for big hugs, high fives and lots of photos!
A young girl struggles to climb the stairs into the GO bus.
The steps are big but, excitement is bigger for tiny Lucy, 3, who couldn’t wait to get in the driver’s seat. (photo by Sara Wilbur)