A crew meber uses a large tool to adjust a piece of track.

Crosstown Progress? It’s all about the tracks being made along Toronto’s Golden Mile

In this part of our continuing series on the state of construction along Eglinton’s light rail transit (LRT) line – as well as the important features to come – we’re stepping off on stops at O’Connor and Pharmacy.

If you want to know how far we’ve come, just follow our tracks.

For local community members – and fans of the Crosstown LRT project – who have been checking off milestones in the massive project, a new set of tracks being placed along the surface work of Eglinton Square signalled a significant advancement.

Tracks are a symbolic – and grounded – connection to the light rail vehicles that will populate the 19 kilometre line, which is expected to start rolling in 2021.

A crew meber uses a large tool to adjust a piece of track.
The first rails for the surface section of the line began installation back in March near Eglinton Square.

Our next set of platforms on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT project progress tour are O’Connor and Pharmacy, two of the five surface level stops in Scarborough’s Golden Mile area.

Work crews spread out concrete, as it's poured from a truck.
The east end is taking shape! Guideway work continues along Eglinton Avenue between Victoria Park and Pharmacy Avenue.

O’Connor stop will be a parallel side platform accessible stop located between Victoria Park Avenue and the Eglinton Square intersection. It will be the nearest stop to the Eglinton Square Shopping centre and like our other surface stops, will have a covered waiting area with benches and automated Presto payment machines to pay your fare before you board.

Tracks are shown at an intersection, as cars wait at a nearby light.
Some completed Crosstown tracks in the centre of the roadway between the O’Connor and Pharmacy stops.

Construction of O’Connor began in 2017 with utility relocations and the removal of medians down the centre of the roadway. Guideway work, the lane that the future light rail vehicle will run on, began in late 2018 with the first concrete pour in early 2019 and track being laid shortly after. The stop will be fully completed next year.

Check out this time-lapse video to see how it all went down.

Located a few kilometers east is the Pharmacy stop. At Eglinton Avenue East and Pharmacy Avenue, the accessible stop will be a parallel side platform. Guideway work has already started at Pharmacy and concrete pours are currently taking place. This work will take up to approximately six weeks where we’ll see some excavation work, electrical installations to run the vehicles and of course, track. Completion for this stop is scheduled for next year.

An artist concept looks down at a light rail transit platform, as a vehicle pulls in.
An artist concept of what the Pharmacy Avenue stop will look like.
An artist concept, looks down at a platform, as cars drive by on both sides of the road.
An artist concept of what the O’Connor stop will look like.
An artist concept shows customers waiting for a light rail transit visit.
Platform level at the O’Connor stop.

So, for those keeping track of the track, have your pens ready as you’ll be sure to see much more in the upcoming months.

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Story by Erika D’Urbano, Metrolinx communications specialist.