A man takes a picture with his phone of another person at the wheel of a Go bus.

This wrap’s just the start – ‘Ride with Pride’ GO bus makes big entrance

We unveil our freshly wrapped Pride GO bus in Bowmanville.

There are times when you just need to stand out for good reason.

On June 13, Metrolinx unveiled this year’s ‘Ride with Pride’ GO bus at the Bowmanville Rainbow Crosswalk dedication ceremony in the city’s east end. It is the first rainbow crosswalk in Durham region, located at the intersection of Mearns Ave and Apple Blossom Boulevard.

A crowd of people stand near a rainbow coloured crosswalk.
Crowds gather during the Bowmanville rainbow crosswalk dedication.

The debut of the multi-coloured bus wrap, as well as the crosswalk event put on by Pflag, a national charitable LGBTQ+ support, resource and advocacy organization, was meant to show support for Durham region’s LGBTQ+ community.

Metrolinx employees line up in front of a rainbow coloured GO bus.
Metrolinx unveils the true colours of its Ride with Pride GO Bus. The vehicle is set to appear at a number of events across the region in the Summer ahead.

Metrolinx’s chief marketing officer, Mark Childs, said Metrolinx is proud to be a part of Pride 2019, and is committed to making it safer and easier for people to get around each and every day. The diversity of its workforce is a major strength for the organization.

“In addition to being a community celebration, this event provides us with an opportunity to publicly reinforce our commitment to ensuring our customers can safely ride with pride each day and demonstrate our commitment to building an inclusive work place environment,” said Childs.

A man wears a Tshirt that reads 'Ride with Pride'.
True colours – a man wears a Ride with Pride T-shirt during the ceremony.

Metrolinx believes Pride month is more than a celebration – it is a reminder that we need to continue to support diversity and inclusion, and safe journeys for everyone.

Russell poses as he has his hands on the wheel of a GO bus.
Legendary entertainer Russell Alldread, who as Michelle DuBarry is Canada’s oldest performing drag queen, takes the wheel of the Pride GO Bus.

In the coming days and weeks, the ‘Ride with Pride’ GO bus will be at community events and local parades. Volunteers from Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario will be marching in the Toronto Pride Parade and, tomorrow (June 15), for the York Region Pride Parade at Newmarket.

The front of a GO bus is seen, with 'Happy Pride' in the destination sign.
The Pride-themed GO bus will be seen around the region this Summer.

Be sure to also look out for our ‘Ride with Pride’ bus and share on social media to show your pride.

Story by Aman Gill, Metrolinx communications advisor.