Children's faces are seen looking out of the windows of a small GO train display.

City moves – Markham Museum offers families chance to learn about transportation

The kids may be getting out of school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t combine education with motivation and a bit of inspiration. Check out the Metrolinx and GO Transit exhibit, along with other hands-on activities, at Markham Moves.

Sure, this summer, you can toss a ball around with the kids.

Or you can harness the rotational and translational kinetic energy involved in rolling a spherical object efficiently down an incline to prove the higher the ball is at the start, the more gravitational energy can be counted on to give it the distance you require.

Both are really fun.

The Markham Museum, located at 9350 Markham Rd., in Markham, Ont., is a one-of-a kind site featuring over 20 historic buildings on a 25-acre open-air parkland.

A display of bikes and even a canoe are shown.
A look inside the Markham Museum. Transportation has come a long way. (Photo by Faye Orozco)

This years’ exhibit, ‘Markham Moves’ will host an innovative experience, focused on celebrating transportation through the ages. Every child is drawn to trains, planes and automobiles. This capitalizes on that early love affair.

Metrolinx and GO Transit’s installation will be part of the museum exhibit that will continue for the next 2 years. Kids and adults can interact with objects and infrastructure from the past and present, and explore various forms of transportation. Getting people from one spot to another – along with all the things they need to live and thrive – is part of a city’s design. As well as an important chapter of a region’s history.

Three children play with cars and a wooden roadway on an activity table.
Children find ways around urban traffic in one museum activity. If only transportation was child’s play in real life. (City of Markham photo)

In a setting more fitting for a giant playground than classroom, Markham Moves includes hands-on displays – such as ball drops and car ramps – as well as important historical artifacts.

You can create your own miniature vehicles and brush up on the principals of physics – though there will be no pop-quiz.

Children's faces are seen looking out of the windows of a small GO train display.
Tiny riders look out from a GO transit display at the Markham Museum. (City of Markham photo)

Admission is $6 for adults, $5 for seniors and students and $4 for children. A family of four is $17.

For hours and directions just click here.

So tossing a ball around is great. But why not join us and harness the real power of transportation.

Planning your trip to the Markham Museum, as well as other attractions around the Greater Golden Horseshoe region is easier and more affordable — now that kids 12 and under ride free on all GO Trains and Buses.

Story by Faye Orozco, Metrolinx senior brand advisor.