Kristen holds up her phone for the camera.

Train rides with Drake – How do you fill your GO Transit time?

Whether it’s getting lost in music or finding a moment of peace with eyes wide shut, filling in the minutes spent on a GO Transit or UP Express journey creates a remarkably personal journey.

This is about time.

Your moments with us, and what you fill them with as we get you from here to over there.

On an average day – many more during the recent ‘We the North’ Toronto Raptor’s parade in downtown Toronto – GO Transit carries about 200,000 customers on our lines and along our routes.

And while those passengers sit and stand next to one another, heading in the same direction, their journeys can be decidedly different. Each one, even those who have formed bonds with regulars on their routes, is carving out an individual slice of their day.

During those minutes, and collective hours, spent on our buses and trains, habits of entertainment and distraction and free time are put to good use. Some customers rest with ear buds tucked in, listening to their favourite artists. Others create pockets of Netflix binge-watching. Some knit. Or study. Or work. Or block out the world in the time it takes to pass from platform to platform.

You value the minutes and what you do with them. A past Statistics Canada study found most Canadian commuters liked their daily travels, including on public transit. In fact, they liked it more than grocery shopping.

A coffee and phone are seen on a seat inside Union Station.
Let us know – We’re curious about what you do with your GO Time. (Photo by Sara Wilbur)

As we’re in the driver’s seat, we’re curious about those habits and the passage of your time. Not only as a public transit system, but as our guests, we’re interested in what you’re plugged into, what you’re chatting to your quad-seat-mates about, if you’ve found a great summer novel or would care to share the sketches you’re quietly creating in that notepad.

So from time to time, in this space as well as through our social media channels, we’re just going to ask you to recount filling up the minutes. In the answers, you may see yourself or someone carving out a similar space, or a fellow rider who is taking their GO time in a totally different direction.

Here’s what GO and UP Express customers, as they recently made their way through Toronto’s Union Station, told us about what’s occupying their ‘GO Time’.

Kristen holds up her phone for the camera.
Kristen, who is a student and hostess, gets in her feelings with Toronto favourite, Drake. (Photo by Sara Wilbur)
Karen sits inside Union Station, holding a cup of coffee.
Karen is retired so her GO trips are all about relaxing. She prefers a quiet ride with a hot cup of coffee. (Photo by Sara Wilbur)
Danny holds up his phone while Aiden looks on.
When they’re not in class, Aiden and Danny are exploring the city of Toronto. But not before a train ride made better by the sound of hip hop and rap musicians playing through their headphones. Who they choose is always different but, today’s go-to was Trevor Daniel. (Photo by Sara Wilbur)
Scott relaxes in his Raptors shirt, inside Union Station.
Musician Scott doesn’t ride the GO Train often but, when he does he uses the time to do literally nothing. Riders with busy lives appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of some “do-nothing time.” (Photo by Sara Wilbur)
Riley and Wesley enjoy fries as they wait for their ride.
Full-time students Riley and Wesley, travel from Barrie to Toronto on the GO. Why? For the adventure. They use their GO Time to catch up on sleep – and snacks. (Photo by Sara Wilbur)
Kirsten is seen holding out her phone to the camera.
Kirsten, who spends her days saving and changing lives as a nurse, winds down with her ear buds in. What streaming through? Likely country music. Today’s choice was Florida Georgia Line. (Photo by Sara Wilbur)

No matter where you’re travelling to or from, GO Transit wants to ensure you get there safely. We all play a role in a safe commute. Here are some key safety tips to keep in mind throughout your commute:

  • When waiting on a train platform, stand well behind the yellow line
  • Don’t stand in the No Standing zones
  • Don’t run in front or behind a bus
  • The rules of the road also apply to our parking lots and property
  • Report any harassment you witness
  • Report unattended or suspicious packages

Learn more, by clicking here, about our safety tips, to ensure your commute is a safe one.

Story by Sara Wilbur, Metrolinx communications coordinator.