Union Station Update – ‘A better way’ to get to the TTC and a sign of progress in station’s transformation

Things get a little more straight forward for customers travelling between GO’s York Concourse, the Union Pearson Express terminal and the TTC subway station.

Starting July 7, a new glass-covered, underground path running below Front Street will open and change the way thousands of customers access the TTC.

Here’s a handy guide on how to find your way from the GO York Concourse to the TTC subway:

  • When you get off your GO Train head northwest towards the new restaurants in the York Street Promenade (Amano, Union Chicken, and Wvrst).
  • Keep heading north and go through the doors straight ahead by the Tim Hortons kiosk.
  • This will bring you into the newly finished glass-covered walkway (also called the moat) take a right, and follow that all the way to the TTC.
  • Alternatively, you can turn right at the Tim Hortons kiosk and go past the corporate security office.
  • Make a sharp left through the newly opened doors. As before, this will bring you into the glass-covered walkway.
  • If you pass the first two sets of doors, you can still go up the ramp that leads you outside to Front Street.
  • Once outside turn right (east) and go down the staircase into the TTC.

These changes will allow the City of Toronto to continue to make progress in its revitalization of the parts of the historic building that it owns. “We know that changes to customers’ regular routes can be challenging, but they’re a sign of progress in Union Station’s transformation,” said Pat Hegarty, Metrolinx Senior Manager of Station Operations Central.

Hegarty’s team knows the new route might be a bit confusing at first, so they’re joining forces with City of Toronto and TTC staff to help customers find their way. Customers will also notice new signs to help guide them.


The closure of the old access near the shops under the Great Hall, will allow the City of Toronto to install a glass cover over the walkway at the east end of Front Street, build new retail spaces and install stairs to a retail level below the Bay Concourse, which is currently under construction.

Handover of that space to Metrolinx is expected this fall, at which time it will be customized with customer service counters, departure boards, PRESTO machines and directional signage. That work is expected to take about six months.


Meanwhile, at GO platform level and separate from the City’s revitalization work, Metrolinx is making enhancements to safety and communications systems, including replacing tactile yellow tile and installing the infrastructure for brighter platform lighting, new electronic signage and a new PA system.

These improvements are crucial to building the infrastructure for the convenience of all-day, two-way 15-minute or better GO Train service within the most heavily traveled parts of the network. The Province’s historic investments in GO Expansion will double the number of train trips during rush hour and add four times the number of train trips outside of rush hour and on weekends.

For now, customers can review the City’s new map of the concourse level of the station to get a sense of their new route before Monday’s commute.

TTC York Concourse v2

For more information on the changes at Union Station, click here.

Story by Kate Manicom, Metrolinx Communications Specialist and Scott Money, Metrolinx Media Relations Adviser.