Take our Metrolinx Goes to the Movies quiz

Many customers catch up on Game of Thrones or Hollywood blockbusters while on our buses and trains. It’s a theatre on the GO. But there are many times when our stations, tracks and mass transit vehicles have made surprise cameo appearances in movies and TV shows. Let’s see if you’ve noticed the reel moments we, and our Ontario transit partners, have been captured in over the years.

Rails and reels are old partners.

Since Broncho Billy Anderson saddled up to appear in the 1903 silent short film The Great Train Robbery, locomotives have been important stages and backdrops for film and TV. The tracks, stations and vehicles are – even when standing in for other locations, as they did even in that 12-minute Western, now considered one of America’s first blockbusters – important cultural touchstones.

Think everything from Back to the Future III to Captain Marvel. Though most times, they’re often seen in fleeting glimpses as a camera pans across a romantic bridge lit by the setting sun or quick moments lost amid city-smashing action.

We’ve pulled a few from memory – call it our train of thought – to create a short Metrolinx (and our friends) Goes to the Movies quiz. Loyal customers who are also movie and TV fans may have their own times when they’ve seen a GO or UP Express train, or even one of our buses, on the big or small screen. But let’s see how you do with our playlist on the times we’ve rubbed shoulders with the stars.

UP Express in Union Station and at least one GO station have been featured in what ongoing Hulu series?
Handmaid’s Tale
Correct. The right and bright pick, though a dark drama.
The Crown
Nope, you lose your royal status.
Tough one to grapple with, but no.
Castle Rock
Stephen King has never been to Bloor GO Station (as far as we know)
During 2015 filming a major movie in Toronto, this celebrity reached out directly to a Metrolinx social media representative – and the public – when movie crews accidentally caused a temporary closure of the GO bus terminal at Union Station.
Will Smith from Suicide Squad
You’re a Deadshot, and you’re right.
Lilly Collins from The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones
We have a bone to pick with you over this wrong choice.
Stephen King from It
It’s incorrect.
Guillermo del Toro from The Shape of Water
A monster mistake. Try again.
Hamilton GO Centre was the not so secret lair for this heroic series
You picked the right champion.
The Flash
Nope. You picked too quick.
Swamp Thing
Now you’re just bogged down. Try again.
DC Super Hero Girls
Pow! Ka-Bang! Wrong choice.
The pilot for this HBO comedic thriller was shot at platform level at Union Station
Yes. You sprinted to the right one.
No. We thought the title would tip you off.
Dlefnies Returns
That’s ‘Seinfeld’ spelled backward, so sadly no.
Everyone Loves Skynet
Sorry. This answer is Terminated.
In one film, this iconic celebrity stood looking out at the tracks of Toronto’s Wallace Avenue Footbridge, where GO and UP Express run underneath.
Bette Midler
You got it. The Devine Miss M would be pleased.
Tom Cruise
No, so cruise on to another answer.
Tom Hanks
BIG mistake.
Kermit the Frog
Not easy being wrong. But that’s what you are.
Weston GO Station played host to this fast food commercial in 2018. Sure, not Hollywood, but it’s still cool.
Lovin’ it, because you’re right.
Burger King
No – a whopper of a mistake.
Dave would not be happy. You picked wrong.
Poutine Palace
Yes, there is such a place. No, sadly, they didn’t film a commercial at a GO station.
A key moment in this 2004 movie is supposed to be in New York, but it’s on one of our platforms beside a GO train.
New York Minute
You got it in an instant.
Against the Ropes
Which is where you are, because you’re wrong slugger.
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Not to be dramatic, but OMG, you’re seriously incorrect.
Dawn of the Dead
You are, wait for it, dead wrong.
Which artist featured Union Station in their work in a major way?
This proud Toronto artist would be proud of you – correct answer.
The street-artist Banksy
You art wrong.
Fly your flag at half-mast, because you’re wrong.
Deborah Cox
Always a good choice, except for this time – wrong answer.
This star makes a phone call from Union Station in this 2007 film.
Dustin Hoffman in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium
Magic! You got it right.
Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl
You are really wrong.
Sarah Polley in Away from Her
Sadly, you are wrong.
Danny Glover in Poor Boy’s Game
Down for the count and incorrect.
This hospital drama took time to get on the GO.
Saving Hope
Nice save. You’re right.
New Amsterdam
Your answer can’t be saved. You’re wrong.
The Good Doctor
Is a bad answer.
Pure Genius
Not so much. Incorrect diagnosis.
This slick, spy versus spy drama counted on our reliable public transit to carry out missions.
Covert Affairs
You found the secret. Nice job, OO7.
Burn Notice
Nice burn! Because you are wrong.
The Americans
You’re rushin’ to the wrong answer.
Laughable. And wrong.
While in the public eye lately, actress Felicity Huffman was low-key in Toronto during filming of this movie where GO Transit was featured.
Tammy’s Always Dying
You’ve found life in this correct answer.
Interesting film. Bad answer.
Christmas with the Kranks
Don’t mention you got this answer wrong, during your next holiday with the family.
Let’s be clear. This isn’t the right movie.
This TV reality show used a make-believe train set, created by surplus GO equipment.
Train 48
You’re right – too easy. You are correct.
Canadian Idol
Sorry, this answer is out of tune.
Love on the Suburban Line
Doesn’t exist, but we’d watch it if it ever aired.
Undercover Boss (Canada)
You’ve been found out. You need to work on that disguise. Incorrect.

Story by Thane Burnett, Metrolinx editorial content manager and Klaus Zeise, Metrolinx retail manager, station services.