Excavation continues under Cedarvale Station

Caverns in the City – Photos of the Day

As we’ve taken readers from end to end at every stop and station along Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit system, we’re constantly adding updates on the progress being made. Today we look at the underground caverns at Oakwood Station. Plus a look inside at Cedarvale Station where excavation is progressing every day. 

Far below Eglinton Avenue, a colony of workers are building caverns. These underground tunnels are the future of rapid transit in the city and expanding by the day. Light rail vehicles will be cruising through these caves in just a couple short years.

Heavy machinery continues to excavate caverns underground.
A couple dozen metres underground, mining continues as the cavern expands east and west for Oakwood Station.

Located at the Eglinton Avenue West and Oakwood Avenue intersection, Oakwood Station is being constructed in a way that involves forming a cavern underneath an active roadway, allowing for less disruption at street level.

The mining process involves prior completion of the entrance excavation. Specialized equipment is then used to drill supports and mine a cavern, or giant cave, horizontally under the roadway.

Excavation continues under Cedarvale Station
Views under Eglinton and Allen Road – excavation for Cedarvale Station is progressing every day.

Located at the foot of Allen Road, Cedarvale Station will be an underground station, featuring an interchange with the existing Eglinton West subway station, for a seamless transition to the TTC’s Line 1 Yonge-University.

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