Crews add yellow waterproofing sheets to the inside of the Avenue Station tunnel.

Crosstown photos of the day – Above and below Toronto’s new LRT line

As we’ve taken readers from end to end at every stop and station along Toronto’s Crosstown light rail transit system, we’re constantly adding updates on the progress being made. Here are some latest developments below – as well as above – the new line.

When it comes to work on the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) system, you have to think of it in layers.

As progress is made below ground – away from the view of local residents, motorists, pedestrians and business owners – advances are also taking place in front of their eyes.

These three photos give a good indication of the depth of Crosstown progress.

Crews work to install yellow waterproofing strips on the inside of the Avenue Station tunnel.
Waterproofing is well underway at Avenue Station, while mining continues further down the cavern.

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Image shows the inside of the long concrete tunnel.
Lining and archway work continue at Laird Station – the arched roof shape will be visible upon completion of the station.

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A TTC bus travels through the Leslie Street intersection.
A true milestone – The closure of Leslie Street ended 10 days early last week, thanks to work happening without a hitch.

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