A young child steers the wheel of the GO bus.

‘Mom, can we take it home?’ – Kids get up close with GO during Touch the Trucks Toronto

Metrolinx takes part in the inaugural event in support of SickKids Foundation. Check out these wide eyes. Breaks expected attendance expectations and raises thousands of dollars.

On their next birthday, there will be more than a few kids hoping their gift will be almost the size of a small house.

Children and adults lined up over the weekend to get up close to some mighty machines, for the Touch the Trucks Toronto event – and a GO bus was among the rides of imagination.

In fact, early expectations on attendance was for about 1,000 people. Instead, 2,000 turned up.

Image is the front of a GO bus, as visitors board.
The GO bus lights up for the event. (Photo by Adam Jagdat)

The event brought together some of the most popular commercial, emergency and public service vehicles in one place. Young ones were able to climb aboard and interact with the 50 vehicles on site at Downsview Park – just steps from Downsview Park GO Station.

A young child steers the wheel of the GO bus.
In the driver’s seat – A child takes the wheel during the Touch the Trucks Toronto event. (Photo by Adam Jagdat)

In all, about 500 children jumped inside the GO bus.

They also had the chance to interact with GO bus driver Umer Tariq and Guy Goodwin, a bus driver safety and training instructor.

The event raised $16,000 in support of SickKids Foundation.

A young boy playes with the announcement radio aboard the GO bus.
Attention passengers – A small driver makes an announcement. (Photo by Adam Jagdat)

To remember what it was like to get up close to a fire truck for the first time, or look out the window of a huge bus that seemed bigger that your world, check out the photos of the event.

And if you made it out, good luck in trying to wrap what your child now wants for their next birthday.

A mother and child look out the driver's window of a GO bus.
A young child and mom sit in the driver’s seat of a GO bus. (Photo by Adam Jagdat)
A young boy prepaes to high five a bus driver, before boarding the bus.
High fives – A youngster meets GO bus driver Umer Tariq during the Touch the Trucks Toronto event, in support of the SickKids Foundation. (Photo by Adam Jagdat)

(This story was updated on Oct. 8, 2019, to reflect the latest figures on attendance and money collection.)