Dressed for duty – Metrolinx Transit Safety K9, Dash, gets his official vest (Photos)

As the transit agency’s K9 unit goes through its early paces, at least one of the dogs is ready – and looking smart – for his testing.

Dash, a key member of Metrolinx’s new K9 unit, is now kitted out to begin the next phase of his continued training.

Customers may see Dash, or other K9 team-members, around our GO Transit facilities, including Union Station, as they get ready for full-time duty. So we thought we would share some images taken this week of the new and official garb he’s now sporting.

Dash stands proudly with his new vest. The dogf is light brown, and vest is black with Transit Safety markings.

Dash, with his new vest. The dogs were carefully selected based on a combination of genetics and behavioural qualities. (Photo by Anne Marie Aikins)

The light-brown canine with a friendly personality, part of Transit Safety’s historic dog squad who were unveiled in August 2019, now wears a specially designed vest. It includes a clear reminder – “Do Not Pet” – that Dash is on the job and shouldn’t be distracted.

Dash stands by his partner, outside Union Station.

Dash – and human partner, Transit Safety Officer Brenton Hoffman – with his new and crested vest. (Photo by Anne Marie Aikins)

As well as Dash getting his vest, some Transit Safety vehicles have recently been modified with needed equipment to help carry the four-legged officers.

Dash and his partner walk through Union Station.

While the unit will patrol large sections of Metrolinx territory, they can often be seen around Toronto’s Union Station. (Photo by Anne Marie Aikins)

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