A crane lifts up a large vehicle from a site.

Crosstown remote cranes do heavy lifting as Yonge and Eglinton pedestrians return to normal crosswalks (Photos of the day)

As we’ve taken readers from end to end at every stop and station along Toronto’s Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) system, we’re constantly adding updates on the progress being made. Today, we’re showing how workers are kept at a safe distance when cranes pull heavy loads, as well as a new image of popular Laird Station.

Sometimes, you need a little distance.

That’s the case with crane operators working at Crosstown sites, who use remote controlled overhead cranes to help lower and raise heavy equipment for the light rail transit (LRT) project.

As part of our continuing Crosstown Progress series, which includes these frequent updates of the most recent pictures taken around the sites, we wanted to show one of these mighty lifters in action.

A crane lifts up a large vehicle from a site.
Crane operators at Avenue and Oakwood stations use remote systems to keep them well back from weighty equipment being moved in and out of the sites.

Images also captured other important work and developments, including the fact that all crosswalks are now open at Yonge and Eglinton, and back to their original positions.

Shot from above, pedestrians walk around the crosswalks at the important intersection.
Crosswalks at Yonge and Eglinton are back in their original positions.

And then there’s continued work down deep in Laird Station, one of the most popular locations for Metrolinx News readers. The most recent picture shows the view toward the end of the cavern at Laird, where rebar is going in around the mouths of the twin bored tunnels.

The tunnel is shown in concrete, as a cherry-picker crane reaches for the ceiling.
Deep work – The view down the cavern at Laird station.

And did we mention at Science Centre station, waterproofing is being put down as the team prepares to backfill over the completed section of roof slab?

A view down at the foundation of Science Centre station, which is getting waterproofing added.
As cooler weather moves in, Science Centre station is getting waterproofing added.

All in all, a lot of heavy work being done, remotely and hand over fist by dedicated crews.