Image shows trains waiting at a maitenance yard.

Size doesn’t matter – every piece of the puzzle counts when it comes to unlocking transit

Important work is going on to create much-needed space to improve the functionality of GO Transit’s Don Yard and to install new signalling system hardware in support of GO train service expansion and future electrification.

You wouldn’t think a simple retaining wall would be so important.

In the world of trains, not everything is an elaborate tunnel under the city or a shiny new locomotive.

Sometimes the small, seemingly mundane things combine to have a great impact on transit.

As we continue to show you evidence of progress on the GO Expansion program across the Greater Golden Horseshoe region we want to show you this retaining wall and the story behind it.

A concrete retaining wall
This retaining wall is key component in a larger project to upgrade and expand GO’s Don Yard. (Emanuel Vento photo)

This simple wall was recently completed near GO Transit’s Don Yard, just east of Union Station. This is where GO stores and services several trains when they are not in use.

It’s all part of a larger project to upgrade and expand the Don Yard, to allow trains to be serviced closer to Union Station and avoid using vital tracks to move empty trains.

A retaining wall and guardrail with the Don Yard tracks and CN town in the background
GO Transit’s Don Yard is an important storage and service location just east of Union Station. (Emanuel Vento photo)

It just goes to show sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference.

Story by: Stacey Kenny, Metrolinx communications senior advisor