What’s the best seat in house? The great transit chair debate now rests with GO Transit

The discussion started with the New York City subway system and has travelled north to Toronto. The original query was for transit riders to rank the best seat on the subway. Now we’re asking you – what the best seat on your GO train?

It started deep below New York City.

At first, it rested on their iconic orange plastic bucket seats.

Then it moved north – to Toronto – and the TTC’s red fabric chairs.

If habits and emotions can be captured by a simple question, this one lit up social media – asking what’s the best seat on public transit?

A recent meme asked that question among New York subway riders, and before long, Toronto subway passengers along with travellers in other cities – joined in to pick their seat.

Now we’re taking the debate to GO Transit customers.

We know things are a little different on the GO. Some people adore the tranquility of the quads in the upper-level Quiet Zone, while others prefer to stand. Not to mention the choice between facing forwards or backwards and then there’s the row of three spaces on the lower level by the doors.

When it comes to choosing your spot, where do you sit?

Have your say by visiting GO Transit on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Or email us at news@metrolinx.com. We won’t sit on our hands, and instead will follow up with the – slightly less than – highly scientific results next week.

Story by: Scott Money, Metrolinx media relations adviser