Image shows tracks inside a dark tunnel.

Crosstown at a glance – How track installation on Toronto light rail transit project is progressing (Infographic)

The pace of building the Crosstown transit route continues to lead to markers of significant progress. While many sites are too deep to see as you may walk or drive by, completion of the rail tracks is a good indication of how things are moving ahead. We’ve created a reference infographic as your quick snapshot.

Close your eyes and try as you might – it’s difficult to really imagine about 23,000 metres of rail.

Image shows tracks inside a drk tunnel.
Tracks continue to be put down along he Crosstown route – both outside and inside the tunnels. (Metrolinx photo)

That’s generally the distance crews have reached as they near the halfway point of putting down tracks for the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) project. And when we recently carried that story, we struggled a bit to – beyond pointing out it amounts to about 41 CN Towers placed end to end – help readers visualize the work.

Crosstown track progress Feb 6

So the Crosstown team has updated an interesting infographic to help guide those following the build that will lead to 25 stations and 19 kilometres of new transit for Toronto.

Click here for an even closer look at the track installation graphic

You can dig into details of the track work by going to our last story – just click here – but this visual reference might help you see it all in one frame. And no need to start adding up CN Towers.

For other recent Crosstown stories, go here. And keep checking back, as we approach the completion of the first Crosstown station. Because, yes, we’ll have your first look inside.