Image shows the breakthrough points at Forest Hill and Chaplin

From Avenue Station to Leaside – Another new video update on an important section of Toronto’s Crosstown light rail transit route

While most of us are stuck inside, take a look outside, with this Crosstown progress feature, as well as see an excavation milestone.

We may not have video postcards of waves lapping at Mexican beaches.

And we can’t offer virtual escapes to Venice.

But you seem to be enjoying recent video updates showing progress made on the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) project. So here’s a new one – specifically, the section from Avenue Station to Leaside Station.

Keep in mind that some of the video was shot before social distancing rules were implemented. It’s not a lazy gondola ride down a quiet canal, but there is a certain allure with seeing how Toronto’s LRT future is shaping up.

And speaking of Crosstown progress, here’s a bonus image that’s come up from below. It represents an excavation milestone for both Chaplin and Forest Hill stations, as both parts broke through the tunnel recently as they continue moving downward towards platform level.

Image shows the breakthrough points at Forest Hill and Chaplin.

We thought you’d, well, dig it.