A view of the LRT tunnel.

Another new Crosstown video released – Take a journey to more LRT stops in the works, including Laird, Sunnybrook Park and Science Centre

We’re continuing our video progress updates. This time, we’re expanding on the section from Eglinton to Science Centre.

You seem to be liking the view.

Recent video updates of the progress being made on the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) project have proven popular, so we have a new one – along with another piece coming later this week.

This time, it’s a bit of an extension of a previous video we shared, but includes Laird, Sunnybrook Park stop and more of Science Centre.

As always, keep in mind that some of the scenes captured in the videos were shot before social distancing rules were implemented.

And keep an eye out for the next Crosstown video coming later in the week. As a hint of what will be included, that one will feature surface stops as well as Kennedy Station.