Image shows a bridge with cranes moving sections around.

A bridge so close – Drone footage shows expansion of the bridge over Centennial Parkway

Some things are more impressive from a bird’s eye view. Take a flight over work done on an important Hamilton rail bridge.

Come fly with us.

Recently, we brought you the story of the future of Confederation GO Station, including the project tender being announced.

As part of that feature, we pointed out Metrolinx worked with CN – our rail partners and the corridor owners – to add four new spans to the rail bridge over Centennial Parkway, immediately east of the station site. Beyond the photos we included, we thought you might like a different vantage point – drone footage from up high.

Keep in mind, that because it’s a time-lapse, it may look a bit wobbly, so expect some turbulence.

The spans are the four separate components lifted into place in the video.

While drones are not uncommon, it’s still a bit of an exhilarating ride to look down from above on a major transit project.

Story by Robert Pasiak, Metrolinx senior advisor, Communications and Community Relations.