Image shows a clouring page

Transit in technicolour – GO Transit opens up colouring book of possibilities with kid’s printable pages

As parents continue to search for distractions and art projects to keep children busy during the ongoing health lockdown, they can now download colouring page templates that will remind them of past – and future – trips on GO Transit. You can download them here.

You’ve done the kitchen dance party until your legs were wobbly.

And created tinfoil hats you weren’t allowed to take off all day.

Even had them paint watercolour mock-stained glass on the patio door – leaving the dog with a green and blue nose.

For parents looking for just one more activity to keep their children busy – and learning – during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, Metrolinx is releasing GO Transit colouring pages.

Image shows a colouring page of a train on a landscape.
GO Transit has released a colouring book as a way to inspire kids about trips to come. (Metrolinx photo)


You can find those printable templates by clicking the link below:


Normally, the transit agency would be boasting about the Kids GO Free program, that allows children 12 years and younger to travel at no cost on GO buses and trains – something parents will once again take advantage of when families begin to move around together again. But for now, this is about an opportunity to have kids use their time at home to take trips of imagination.

Image shows a colourig page of a train on a landscape.
A sample page, before a child’s imagination – and colouring pencils – bring it to life. (Metrolinx image)

It’s also a chance to prove your child is a Rembrandt in the making – a colouring genius. You can post the final art to your social channels using #GOTransitPhoto so they can be shared.