Image shows the tunnel.

Up and away – Drone footage takes you above and into Crosstown’s Caledonia Station

Usually, we’re featuring the view of the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit project from ground level – or below. But here’s a tour from above an important section and station, thanks to a remote flyover.

To show you progress on Eglinton Crosstown’s Caledonia Station, we’ll go above and beyond – as well as into the tunnels.

Image shows the tunnel.
The view as you enter the LRT tunnels. (Metrolinx photo)

At least above, thanks to some recent drone footage of this important part of the Toronto light rail transit route.

To give you some background, Caledonia Station is an underground stop, located on Eglinton Avenue West, between Blackthorne Avenue and Croham Road. It’ll include a span connecting it to a GO Transit corridor, as well as a TTC bus loop.

Crosslinx Transit Solutions, Metrolinx’s builder responsible for bringing the Crosstown project to life, is not building the Caledonia GO station. Construction on that will start after the Crosstown is complete.

As well as 60 outdoor bicycle parking spaces, there will be retail space located at street level of Crosstown’s Caledonia Station.

That main entrance is being built directly above the LRT platform.

Image shows the construction site, from above.
The view looking down on the station site. (Metrolinx photo)

Once completed, there will be lots to look at inside, framed by natural light beaming down on the platform. But for now, we can take to the sky to see the work from far above.