Image looks down on the site from high above. Shows streets and traffic site.

Toronto’s Finch West LRT route given a lofty look thanks to new top-down images of two important sites

New photos of work on the Toronto West light rail route offer up a rare view of the Maintenance and Storage Facility and Finch West Station. You’re not afraid of heights, right?

Think of these new images from the Finch West light rail transit (LRT) project as altitude with attitude.

The pictures, shot from high above, give a wide view of some interesting progress on the Toronto transit route.

For example, inside the fenced area, drilling work is happening for Finch West Station (FWS). Early works such as water main, storm sewer and hydro work continue on Finch Avenue West and crews work to install the road deck on the north side of Finch from Romfield to Keele.

Image looks down on the site from high above. Shows streets and traffic site.
Here’s a look at drilling for the FWS site. (Michael Fayehun photo)

Next week, the new drilling stage will be set up in the roadway on the southeast and southwest sides of Keele and Finch.

Image shows a drilling machine in the middle of the work site.
And a bit of a different angle on the work. (Michael Fayehun photo)

Meanwhile, at the Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF), the footing foundation is being poured and nearly complete, and installation of structural steel, grade raise and dry and wet utility work is ongoing.

Image shows the main building going up.
That’s big – An overview of progress at the MSF. (Michael Fayehun photo)

If you’re in the community, you’re used to seeing this work from the ground up. These latest pictures might help you see the bigger picture taking place at these sites.

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Story by Erika D’Urbano, Metrolinx senior advisor, Rapid Transit.