The bride poses in front of a GO bus.

‘How I met your mother – on GO Transit’: Couple takes wedding day photos in front of GO bus that first brought them together

When it comes to wedding photos, most opt for a stunning backdrop of fields of flowers or Niagara Falls sending showers of mist into the air. But one couple decided the ideal location to capture their special day was Toronto’s Union Station Bus Terminal.

If life is a highway, then Nancy Moy and Drex Sison’s shared journey started with a professional driver at the wheel.

Because about five years ago, love boarded GO bus Route 54.

Today (Sept. 18) Nancy and Drex posed for keepsake photos in front of a GO Transit bus parked next to Platform 47 at Toronto’s Union Station Bus Terminal stop.

The pair stand in front of a parked GO bus.
Joy in the air – The happy couple pose in front of a GO bus on Sept. 18, 2020. (Nitish Bissonauth photo)

From the terminal, the next stop for the couple – along with their friends and family – would be their wedding ceremony.

The images taken before saying ‘I do’ are the answer to a question every couple is asked: “How did you meet?”

Some relationships start as peers at work. Others a swipe of an image and witty line on Tinder. But for the happy couple, it was seeing one another on that GO bus – though they really weren’t supposed to sit side by side at all.

Wearing a bridal dress, Nancy poses beside a GO bus.
Nancy poses in front of a GO bus. (Nitish Bissonauth photo)

“It’s the perfect location,” said Nancy of the transit backdrop used for their wedding photos. “We had to capture part of our special day in front of a GO bus.”

Drex added: “If it weren’t for the GO bus, we definitely would not have met each other. We wouldn’t be getting married today.”

The couple pose beside a GO bus.
….and now joined by Drex – for all the journeys ahead. (Nitish Bissonauth photo)

(GO bus) stop in the name of love

Now for that bit of luck or providence or just happy chance that brought them together on that same bus.

Follow the not-so-direct line of their love story, and tell us – though we’re helpless romantics at heart – it wasn’t simply fate.

“I swear that’s the guy I saw on the GO bus.”

Nancy, recalling seeing future husband Drex Sison after sitting next to one another on GO Transit.

Both attended York University and both used to take the Route 54 GO bus home – but never at the same time.  

But on Jan. 6, 2015, Drex’s class ran later than usual and he took the 6:30 pm bus from campus.

Route 54, at the time, departed York University and made a stop at the Richmond Hill Centre before continuing to Mount Joy GO Station.

Nancy ended up taking the 7 pm bus.

That same night, Drex’s bus got into a minor collision at the Richmond Hill Centre. He and his fellow passengers had to be transferred to the next bus travelling along that route.

“I remember the bus driver making an announcement notifying us that we had to make room for passengers coming on from another bus,” recalled Nancy. “Drex was first in line to get in and I was sitting in the first row directly behind the bus driver.”

The universe unfolded as it should have and Drex came in and sat right next to Nancy.

“When I got on the bus, I saw her and she was really pretty,” said Drex. “At the same time, it was the first available seat, so I sat next to her and we started talking.”

The pair quickly discovered they took classes together and shared similar interests.

Image shows a portrait of the couple.
Nancy and Drex went from bus buddies to life partners, all thanks to an unplanned trip on the GO. (Photo provided by Nancy Moy, who will likely be ‘Nancy Sison’ by the time you read this)

After the bus ride, the two parted ways without getting the chance to exchange contact information.

The following week, Nancy and Drex would bump into each other in the hallway.

“I swear that’s the guy I saw on the GO bus’…but I wasn’t 100% sure,” said Nancy, noting the current was moving in a certain direction that made things inevitable.

They would meet again at a Christian club event on campus. Nancy managed to get his contact info and the two stayed in touch.

It wasn’t long before they started synchronizing their schedules to take the same bus home. They took the bus together for about a year, as they were completing their degrees at York University.

Fast forward to their wedding today.

“It’s just crazy how we met on the GO bus,” said Nancy. “If I didn’t meet him on the GO bus, we would have never talked.”

The couple have a scrapbook with photos and memories of their time together. One of their favourite pieces of memorabilia is a bus ticket their friend made to replicate the one they had on the first day they met on the GO bus.

Image shows a an adult ticken for the route they fell in love on.
A ticket to remember – Nancy’s friend made ticket to replicate the day they took the bus. (Photo provided by Nancy Moy/Sison)

The pair decided they wanted to take part of their wedding photos at the Union Station Bus Terminal and when they reached out to Metrolinx about their moving love story, the transit agency decided to make their shoot even more special.

A bus was parked on platform 47 and while dawning custom face coverings and maintaining physical distancing from others around, the couple stood well behind the yellow line on the platform and took photos inside and outside the vehicle.

The pandemic has severely impacted the look and feel of weddings but with the current health and safety guidelines, Nancy and Drew we able to go ahead with their big day, smiling with their eyes and keeping a good distance in their wedding photos.  

A GO bus with 'congratulations' across the lighted front.
A personal touch – The bus display showcased the couple’s favourite bus route number as well as a special message that read “Congratulations Nancy and Drex”. (Nitish Bissonauth photo)

The couple say they knew for the longest time they wanted to have their wedding photos taken in front of a GO bus, the vehicle that drove their early love story.

You like the ring of this romance? Well Drex thought the divine transit connection was so strong, beyond the wedding day photos, there was something else he made sure to get done.

He had ‘54 GO’ engraved on the inside of Nancy’s ring.

Image shows the engraved ring.
A bus connection like no other – Nancy’s engagement ring with “54 GO” engraved on the inside. (Photo provided by Nancy Moy, who becomes’Nancy Sison’ today)

Story written by Nitish Bissonauth, Metrolinx bilingual spokesperson, media relations and issues specialist.