A GO train makes its way through a crossing at high speed.

Metrolinx updates COVID cases

Throughout the pandemic, the transit agency has constantly updated the public on any new cases of the virus among its employees – even when there is little to no risk to the public. Here are the latest results.

September 24, 2020 – Metrolinx has been informed that two employees working in bus operations have tested positive for COVID-19. The staff members have not been at work since August 10 and August 22 and both contracted the virus from outside the work location. There is therefore no risk to other employees or customers.

The employees are now recovering at home and are receiving support from Metrolinx officials and fellow employees.

Throughout the past six months of this pandemic, Metrolinx has been completely and proactively transparent about any positive cases within its workforce to keep customers and staff informed.

The new health and safety kiosk at Union Station
The new health and safety kiosk at Union Station is one of the key safety features that you’ll notice (Metrolinx photo)

As the case numbers increase across the country, it is now more important than ever that we all remain fully committed to our health and safety practices that we’ve been following throughout the pandemic. As weary as we all may be feeling, now is not the time to let down our guard.

Remember the basics: stay home if you are ill; wear your face covering correctly and faithfully (we’ve got great new branded masks to add to your stash); wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizer when you can’t; and limit your social interactions.

It is mandatory for all Metrolinx employees and customers to wear face coverings to protect those around them.  This along with 40 other safety actions has helped keep our positive cases very low and a good reminder of the importance of wearing face coverings throughout your entire journey – from station, to platform, to bus and train.  See more about all the safety actions Metrolinx has implemented to help stop the spread.

Out of a workforce of approximately 4,300 staff, 14 Metrolinx employees have tested positive for COVID-19.

Story by Anne Marie Aikins, Metrolinx senior manager of media.