Love on the GO: How one Toronto-area couple connected on the bus

Who knew the GO bus would create love connections? Daniel Hsieh and his fiancée Amanda Chew met almost three years ago while taking a bus departing the Richmond Hill Centre Terminal. Today they are back to the place where it all started to take their engagement photos.

Is the GO bus creating better matches than Tinder and Hinge?

It certainly seems that way these days.

After a recent story on a couple who credit GO bus leading them to their happily ever after, another couple – the second in the span of a month, have reached out to share their love connection.

Daniel and Amanda started off as two commuters taking the same Route 40 Hamilton/Richmond Hill Bus two to three days a week.

Daniel and Amanda being photographed in the exact same seats they sat in nearly 3 years ago when they met on the Route 40 GO bus (Nitish Bissonauth Photo)

“We would smile at each other and as months passed, we started to say ‘hi’ and wished each other a good day,” recalls Daniel.

One day Daniel got on before Amanda and noticed the bus was packed. As she approached him, he moved his bag and offered her the seat next to him.

A nice gesture, and perhaps the most important one he’d make.

They chatted the entire commute and that’s when their friendship began.

The two share a love for R&B from 90’s & early 2000s and would listen to artists like Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey.

It turns out a friendship would not be the ‘End of The Road’ for the two and carpooling while singing ‘We Belong Together’ would soon take a literal meaning.

A year of friendship evolved into dating and now, three years later, they’re engaged.

Daniel and Amanda met three years ago riding the Route 40 Hamilton/Richmond Hill Bus. (Nitish Bissonauth Photo)

To mark the occasion, the pair decided to take their engagement photos at the place where it all began, with the vehicle that first brought them together.

When they reached out to Metrolinx about their moving love story, GO transit’s bus operations team decided to make their shoot even more special.

“It’s pretty funny, we found love on the GO,” says Daniel. “If it wasn’t for that GO bus, we wouldn’t have chatted and develop the relationship we have now.”

The couple plan on tying the knot next June in Richmond Hill.

Story written by Nitish Bissonauth, Metrolinx bilingual spokesperson, media relations and issues specialist