History was moved – Guelph’s renowned locomotive has been hauled to its new home

Locomotive 6167 is now sitting pretty at its new home in Guelph’s John Galt Park.

It might have been the shortest run Locomotive 6167 has ever taken.

This past weekend (Nov. 14) Guelph Museum’s historic steam locomotive was moved to its new permanent location in John Galt Park on Woolwich Street.

The old CN iron horse, an impressive piece in the Guelph Museum collection, had been sitting idle for almost a decade on Farquhar  Street, in Guelph.

At Guelph Central Station, the locomotive being prepared for the big move. (Guelph Museum Photo)
At Guelph Central Station, the locomotive being prepared for the big move. (Guelph Museum Photo)

How exactly does one move a 222,260kg train engine?

According to Danna Evans, general manager of culture and recreation at the City of Guelph, it takes a lot of coordination plus a large crane and trailer strong enough to carry something that weighs 150 times more than the average car.

“We’re excited to give Locomotive 6167 a new, permanent home where its history and significance can be admired by the community for many years to come,” said Evans.

The move also required the city to close roads, sidewalks and redirect local transit to make it all happen.

If you missed it, Guelph Museum’s Facebook page has a full recap and plenty of video of the move.

Not only is this a move meaningful for local historians and transit fans, this will also free up some space to allow Metrolinx to bring more GO Train service to Guelph Central Station as part of the Kitchener GO Expansion Project.

Locomotive 6167 getting settled in to its permanent location in John Galt Park. (Guelph Museum Photo)

According to the City of Guelph there will be some continued work around the locomotive until the end of the year. Once that is complete, people will be free to up close and personal with the old steam engine once again.

For more on the old steam engine’s backstory, read about it on Metrolinx News.

Story by: Laura Durie, Metrolinx community relations specialist