Image shows GO Bear reading a book next to a fire.

A warm front appears this holiday season – GO Bear stars in peaceful fireplace video

We usually reserve these spaces for breaking GO Transit and UP Express news, the latest PRESTO advances, in-depth Metrolinx features and glimpses of construction projects that take you behind the barriers and even far below the earth. But after the year the world has had, we can all use a calming hour in front of the fireplace – or at least a video that includes GO Bear taking it easy next to a crackling blaze.

This is a heaping helping of heart and hearth for the holidays.

2020 has been a bit of a trying and anxious time for most people. And while we usually reserve space on Metrolinx News to weighty matters of transit advancements and project details, we wanted to take a moment to offer up found moments of repose and tranquility.

So here’s an hour of video featuring GO Bear in front of a fireplace – a lull to allow time to slip quietly by.

Just press ‘play’ – perhaps share it on a nearby big screen – and enjoy the crackle, calm and virtual companionship.

Then hit ‘replay’ – and steal away even more time.