A view of the old bus terminal looking west towards Bay Street.

Was 2020 a year never to be forgotten? Let’s test your Metrolinx memory

There are things about this past year that many of us would like to just put in the past. But how much of what’s taken place – especially around transit stories you may have read here on Metrolinx News – do you remember? Let’s put your recall to the test in this quick quiz.

For most, 2020 could be scrubbed from the books and only mentioned again with clenched teeth.

But there were some spectacular advances, memorable human stories and terrific transit features penned on this site over the last 12 months. Things we don’t want tossed out with the bathwater of the year of the pandemic.

Let’s see what you’ve retained with this quiz.

The PRESTO app saw a number of advances for customers in 2020. Can you identify them?
The new app features include setting a GO default trip, checking transfer windows and ‘instant loads
The app now charts sleep habits
Nope – though we wish you a good night’s sleep 
The app offers recipes
No. Though a nice lasagna would be good tonight
The app now has the ability to tell you the weather
Wrong. You have other devices – or nearby windows – for that
Metrolinx conducted an emergency training exercise in November. Where was it held at? 
The new Union Station Bus Terminal
Got it. The new terminal opened earlier this month
The old Union Station Bus Terminal
Union Station
No, though that was the location in 2019
CF Toronto Eaton Centre
Image shows officers standing at opening to the bus terminal.
Emergency officials, including Transit Safety officers, respond to the mock disaster amid a snowy day. (Matt Llewellyn photo)
Before being recently retired, what year did the old Union Station Bus Terminal open to GO Transit customers?
The terminal opened in 2003
Nailed it 
The terminal opened in 1999
The terminal opened in 2018
The terminal opened in 1959
As transit ridership has been impacted by COVID, what interesting trend is Metrolinx seeing from ridership figures over the past several months? 
More than 80 per cent of customers now ride during off-peak times
You got it
The majority of customers have gone back to reading books while on GO vehicles, rather than using electronic devices
Sorry. Especially since GO vehicles now offer free Wi-Fi
GO Transit has actually seen an increase in riders travelling during peak hours
About 52 per cent of travellers on each GO Transit and UP Express trips are first-time users of the service
Sorry, incorrect
For the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) project, how much concrete was poured at Mount Pleasant Station in just 11 hours? 
Enough to fill 190 concrete trucks
You got it
None. Special ‘rubber gravel’, rather than concrete is being used
Sorry. Though ‘rubber gravel’ sounds cool
Enough to fill three Olympic-sized swimming pools
Enough to build the CN Tower again
Sorry, incorrect
A worker looks up to a high wall.
Underpinning work at Cedarvale Station wrapped up earlier this year. (Metrolinx photo)
In early November, what was moved from Farquhar Street in Guelph and brought to a safe new location?
CN Locomotive 6167
Yep, you know your trains
A rare, Blue-Ribbon Owl nest
Sorry. but that does sound cute
‘Old Sid’, a 1942 antique transit bus
A rail signal box, first built in 1897
Sorry, incorrect
The steam engine is shown.
The restoration of Locomotive 6167 was complete in 2014 and it became part of the Guelph Museum collection. (Jacob Patterson Photo)
What item became mandatory for all GO Transit and UP Express customers, on vehicles, platforms and in stations, during the pandemic? 
A face covering
Yes, too easy
A valid driver’s license
A can-do attitude
No, but many customers do have that
As part of actions to protect customers and staff from COVID-19, how many safety actions did Metrolinx implement in 2020? 
More than 50
12, which were dubbed ‘The Clean Dozen’
That would be incorrect
Four actions, including mandatory face coverings
18 actions
Station staff cleaning surfaces at Union Station
Cleaning efforts are being stepped up at GO Stations, on buses and trains. (Metrolinx photo)
To move the Hurontario light rail transit (LRT) project along, an important Hurontario Street overpass is being widened. Which one?
Hwy 407
Trick question. It’s actually a rail underpass near the bus stop at Wanless Drive
Sorry, no
Hwy 401
Nope, wrong
Bovaird Drive
The GO train’s Quiet Zone teamed up with a sponsor earlier this year. What was it?
(In a whisper…you are correct.)
The Canadian Space Agency
Out of this world, but no
The release of Borat 2 (Subsequent Moviefilm)
That would be a no
Ontario Library Association
In October, Metrolinx arranged to get transit fan Mark Kiefer something he’s always wanted. What was it?
An iconic GO bus coin dispenser
You got it
A used tire from a bus
A driver’s cap
A ride in the front of an UP Express train
In October, customers were introduced to a new member of the Metrolinx K9 team. What was his name?
Special Const. Andy Gribb
The newest member of the K9 team walks out front of Union Station. (Matt Llewellyn photo)
What celebrated its 50th birthday in 2020?
The GO Bus
The GO Train
The Union Pearson Express
GO Transit bus driver Bryan Jeresano did something heroic back in January 2020. What did he do? 
Came to the aid of a young Guelph student who was being stalked by two men in a car, while she was waiting at a city bus stop
You’re correct
Swam the English Channel as a fund raiser
Broke a record for United Way donations
Reported two different hit-and-run drivers during a single shift

See how well you did in your memory of 2020 in transit. Share your results with us on social. And then prepare for another quiz on all things 2021.