A man walks through the expanse of the underground cavern at Eglinton Station.

Crosstown’s Eglinton Station sees all excavation under TTC box complete

Let’s go below the Eglinton Crosstown, to see how crews have completed an important phase that involved a still-rolling subway line, sensitive movement sensors, precise math and a lot of earth. We have a new image, below.

Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit system is a complex feat of engineering magic.

But perhaps nowhere along the line is the scientific sorcery more complicated and challenging than at Eglinton Station, where crews have had to navigate in and around the existing and always-moving TTC Yonge-University subway (Line 1).

This meant building a second platform below the existing one, including using underpinning and special techniques to dig out the earth. Imagine working below a subway line – keeping that system, as well as the project you’re working on, safe.

A man walks through open area at Eglinton Station.
A walk down under – You can see the progress on the excavation area at Eglinton Station. (Metrolinx photo)

Now, that process has reached a major milestone. All excavation under the TTC box has been completed, marking the completion of all major excavation on the project.

Next the crews at the station will be leveling and compacting the ground to prepare for a concrete pour which will form the lowest level.

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