GO theme is frosting on the cake for one of transit’s youngest fans

What can be better to a three-year-old child than a thundering train made from enough sugar to fuel momentum for hours? This is the story about young Bodhi’s birthday, and a nod to his two great loves. Did we mention GO and dessert?

Thomas the Tank Engine is kid’s stuff.

For Bodhi’s third birthday, it had to be a heaping slice of GO Transit.

The Rouge Hill area youngster has been a transit fan for pretty much his entire life – yes, that long.

Kid playing with toy train
Bodhi can play for hours with his own, personal set of wooden toy GO Trains made by his family. (Aishah Teli Photo)

So for his big day recently, it had to be specifically a GO train cake with GO themed cupcakes to mark the occasion. That request was a first for Olivia’s Frosted Crown, a local cupcake shop tasked with making this boy’s dream come true.

Baker Olivia Longarini-Roman says it took her two hours to make the vanilla cake layered with a berry compote and a Swiss meringue buttercream finish.

GO themed cupcake and cake
Also known as ‘fruit explosion’ this isn’t your typical birthday cake. It features one of GO’s newer Series 10 Bilevel Cabs made with icing. (Olivia’s Frosted Crown Photo)

Bodhi’s mom, Aishah Teli, says her son has been obsessed with GO trains since almost the day he was born.

His uncle gifted him his first homemade wooden GO Train when he was about a year old, a toy Bodhi takes with him everywhere. Forget stuffed bears – he even sleeps with it during nap time.

Bodhi loves to play at the local park where he can see the trains go by. When the park was off limits during the first lockdown, a short walk to Rouge Hill Station from the family home became his new favourite pastime.

Little boy waiting for train
During the pandemic, the family began a daily routine of timing their walks to Rouge Hill station to watch the trains go by. Bodhi is seen here peering over, anxiously waiting for the next GO Train. (Aishah Teli Photo)

He would always have his wooden GO train with him and would hold it up to the conductors who’d often open their window, wave and even sometimes honk the train horn. 

Bodhi’s mom says the excitement and joy this gives him brings a smile to everyone around.

Little boy (Bodhi) with his cake and balloons
When Aishah Teli recently picked up the bake goods, she knew her son was going to love it. The smile here confirms it. (Aishah Teli Photo)

Frankly, we agree with Bodhi’s passion for transit. And we also think GO Transit themed parties are pretty sweet.

Story by Nitish Bissonauth, Metrolinx bilingual spokesperson, media relations and issues specialist