Image shows a tractor at work.

The Hurontario LRT is digging deep at Port Credit GO Station

A number of key elements of the Hurontario light rail transit line have been shaping up over the past few months. And one of the areas seeing a lot of activity and progress has been Port Credit. Let’s dig into the work, including what will become the outline of the future Hurontario LRT Station stop at Port Credit GO.

Big things are coming to Port Credit GO Station as construction of the Hurontario Light Rail Transit line moves ahead.  

Crews have been excavating a portion of the south and east parking lot and installing piles to prepare for the construction of the push box, the structure that will form as a tunnel underneath the Lakeshore West Corridor railway tracks. These piles will also support the ground for the construction of the station box. Excavation work includes having to dig deep, deep enough for both the push box and station box structures and install the retaining wall that will support it.  

Image shows a construction site with buildings in the background.
A good overview image of the Port Credit work site. (Metrolinx photo)

The hollow, concrete push box structure will utilize hydraulic jacks that will slowly be pushed into its place underneath the railway tracks. Watch for this big push to happen later this year.  

Image shows a tractor at work.
Crews at work at the Port Credit site. (Metrolinx photo)

With construction comes dirt and debris. To keep dust to a minimum, water tankers regularly spray the area to diminish any dust from equipment. These aren’t the only pieces of equipment keeping the site running. Precast vaults are used to securely hold  temporary power generators. The temporary power generators supply power during the construction to trailers and other equipment as needed. 

Image shows a concrete box in the ground.
Here’s what those precast vaults look like. (Metrolinx photo)

As a reminder, the18-kilometre Hurontario Light Rail Transit will feature 19 stops, travel through two urban growth centres and connect to major transit systems including GO Transit (Milton and Lakeshore West lines), the Mississauga Transitway, Brampton Transit, ZUM and MiWay. The Hurontario LRT will also have its own dedicated lane ensuring a smooth, reliable and convenient ride along the region’s busiest street. 

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Story by Erika D’Urbanosenior advisor, Rapid Transit