New Metrolinx quiz tests your knowledge on the many changes that have taken place during pandemic

Society may have slowed down dramatically as Ontario, Canada and the world fought COVID-19 – a battle that continues – but GO, PRESTO, and UP Express have kept on advancing and changing. As many customers start to use trains and buses regularly again, here’s a short quiz to see if you can spot the many differences.

It may have been a while since you spent a lot of time on a GO  train or bus.

Now you’re ready to ride.

But how much has changed and improved since you last used transit? While you may think you know the differences since COVID-19 had most people stopping their normal travels, here’s a quiz to see if you’ve been keeping track from afar – or even, for essential travellers who never stopped using GO, as changes unfolded.

Let’s journey through what’s new.

GO Transit started a ‘Five Station Blitz’ recently – signaling improvements that will spread out to stations across the region. What was the focus of that blitz? 
Improving cycling and pedestrian access
You got it
Illegal parking
Nope. Wrong answer, though please park properly
Asking dog owners to pick up after their animals
Not correct. But please scoop up after Fido
Image shows the inside with lots of glass.
Here’s a good look at the inside, with a lot of glass and views to spare. (Brian Main photo)
In June, what new GO Transit station officially opened? 
Bloomington GO Station
You got it – it’s the latest addition to the Richmond Hill Line
Coswell Junction
Cool name. But no
Caledon GO Station
Sorry, wrong
Madison Station (at Yonge St.)
Not even close

During the pandemic, Metrolinx brought in how many new safety measures?  
More than 40
You got it
None were needed, though some measures were strengthened
Really wrong answer
12 that were coined ‘The Essential Dozen’
Nope, incorrect
Two – face coverings and seat dividers on trains and buses
Wrong, because there were more than just these two

Earlier in the year, GO Transit introduced a new safety measure first used in Japan called ‘Shisa Kanko’. What is it? 
A ‘point and call’ safety practice for staff on trains
Lilly air fresheners used in train cars to calm the senses
Cool, but incorrect
Suggested stretches aimed at customers
Not a stretch to say you’re wrong
Cars with no seats, to promote standing
That doesn’t sound fun or right

During the pandemic, which popular figure was brought it to explain how to properly use a face covering?  
GO Bear
Nailed it
Ryan Reynolds
You, and we, wish
Social media influencer ‘COVID Cat’
That’s really wrong
That guy who does the burger commercials where he talks to diners on the street
We didn’t even look up his name, so no
A train moves across a bridge.

In late June, Metrolinx offered free journeys on GO Transit and UP Express to riders heading to which event? 
The City of Toronto’s ‘Vaccine Day’
Correct, a record-breaking vaccine event
A ‘Wiggles Concert’ (the first event held in Toronto post-COVID)
Sweet, but wrong
Toronto Pearson Airport
Toronto’s charity ‘COVID Run and Walk’
That’s not even a thing

A customer survey taken earlier this year, found what as the number one reason travellers wanted to get back on GO Transit – even above using it for work?  
Fun and events
You got it
Going to see relatives they haven’t seen in ages
Sounds great, but not the number one reason
Grocery runs
Wrong. Though if you go out, we’re all out of milk
To get some ‘me time’
GO trips can be that, but it’s not the main reason
An UP Express train is seen on tracks, near the airport.

Back in March, Metrolinx introduced a new way to pay your UP Express fare – what was it?  
A new contactless payment pilot option
Yup, also known as ‘open payment’ – customers can now tap their physical credit card or mobile wallet on their phone
You can use your Air Miles to pay your fare
Sorry, nope
Old school metal tokens
Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin
No thanks

GO Transit introduced a popular and major free benefit on buses and trains during the pandemic. What was it?  
Free Wi-Fi
You got it
Free back rubs
Creepy, and no
Free onboard shoe-shining machines
Our shoes need it, but wrong
Free souvenir photos

Coming out of the pandemic, what popular weekend GO service recently returned?  
Niagara GO Train service
You got it
Valet parking at select GO stations
‘GO sing-alongs’ (only on select bus trips)
You don’t want to hear us sing
Onboard coffee machines
Not a terrible idea, but no

Now that you’ve taken the quiz, share your results with us – and your fellow passengers – on social media.