Testing begins as Crosstown LRT vehicles make their first move along Eglinton Avenue

Metrolinx News continues to bring you the latest developments on the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) project. Today (Aug. 24), marks the first of several Crosstown vehicle tests along the surface level tracks in Toronto’s east end. Check out some of the first glimpses of the vehicles in action, as experts remind area residents and travelers to stay well clear of the busy tracks.

It’s a big week for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT as vehicle testing kicks off on Eglinton Avenue.

Starting today (Aug. 24), Crosstown light rail vehicles (LRVs) will be zipping along the aboveground section of the route for the first time under conditions as if they were in service.

This means train cars coupled together, increased speed testing, brake tests, and concurrent vehicle testing.

Earlier this spring, the first six LRVs were moved from the Eglinton maintenance and storage facility (EMSF) to Rosemount Drive on the surface level section of the route by transport truck. They were then connected to the overhead catenary system (OCS) and driven west to the underground storage area.

Since then, crews have been commissioning the vehicles. This included testing communications systems and signals that interact with the LRVs and running the LRVs at slow speeds.

While these are exciting times, Metrolinx officials are reminding all pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists that these are still active construction sites and to continue to exercise caution around these areas.

A look from the operator's perspective as the Crosstown vehicle tests get underway
A look from the operator’s perspective as the Crosstown vehicle tests get underway. (Anne Marie Aikins photo).

Most importantly, pedestrians should only cross Eglinton Avenue at intersections.

Two Crosstown vehicles head out on one of the first test runs along Eglinton Avenue East.
Two Crosstown vehicles head out on one of the first test runs along Eglinton Avenue East. (Metrolinx photo)

What happens next?

Testing will continue regularly for the next few weeks.  Once the testing is done in the fall, the six vehicles will head back to the maintenance and storage facility.

Keep watching as testing continues in the days and weeks to come. Watch out for more Crosstown progress on Metrolinx News and follow the Eglinton Crosstown LRT project on social media to get the latest. 

Story by Scott Money, Metrolinx News editorial team