A bus moves along a side road.

Metrolinx looks to customer habits to keep everyone safe as riders return to GO Transit and UP Express

As more people start to return to life similar to pre-pandemic, Metrolinx is reminding customers not to let their guard down while riding public transit and to take steps to help keep themselves and others safe. That includes continuing some obvious habits, such as wearing masks on transit even if vaccinated, as well as adopting new routines, including trying to avoid eating and drinking while on GO buses and trains.

Prior to COVID-19, most GO Transit and UP Express passengers had their patterns and practices.

Those comforting habits may have included where they stood to wait for a bus or a certain seat they would always pick on the train.

Now that more and more riders are coming back to transit, Metrolinx is asking customers to stay vigilant on practices that will continue to keep everyone safe.

Image shows a customer standing in the Bay Concourse.
Arceu Robert Arnuco, a GO customer, is shown in this photo taken during the recent opening of Union Station’s renewed Bay Concourse. (Nitish Bissonauth photo)

Some may seem small, but they add up to major steps in protecting everyone.

With the return of concerts, sporting events, and indoor gatherings, one might think the pandemic is a thing of the past. But with COVID-19 cases rising, the virus is still very much part of reality and vigilance is still needed, including when riding transit. 

Since March 2020, Metrolinx has implemented more than 40+ measures to help keep customers safe when riding trains and buses, in stations and on platforms. But as much as the agency has done to assist customers to stay safe and healthy, it can’t do it alone. And as more people start to come back to transit, and trains and buses become busier, it’s imperative to take care. 

Here are some things customers can do to help keep themselves and others safe when riding public transit:

•          Don’t travel if you are sick.

•          Get vaccinated. It’s your most effective way of protecting yourself and others from the virus.

•          Always wear your face covering or mask – in stations, on platforms and on vehicles (check out the Metrolinx PPE dispensers and branded masks).

•          As much as possible, avoid eating and drinking on transit.  We understand that you may need to take a drink or bite of food, but try to move to an area where you are not near others and only remove your mask temporarily to actively consume food or drink. 

•          Spread out on trains and platforms. You can move between coaches with a simple tap of a button found on the door – simply walk to the end of the coach you’re on, press the button, and the door will open for you to pass through to the next coach. 

•          Monitor your health and stay home if you are potentially exposed to COVID-19.

•          Wash your hands regularly, and use hand sanitizer found on our trains, buses, and in stations.

•          Download the COVID Alert App so you can alert others if you test positive.

Many customers will breathe a sigh of relief to be back using transit – travelling to the office or weekend exploring of the region.

But Metrolinx is reminding everyone that everyone deserves to ride in a safe environment.

That means sticking to good habits.

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