Image shows the bridge.

Work on Warden Avenue continues for Lakeshore East Corridor expansion

Progress is being made to accommodate the fourth rail track to deliver a quieter, faster and more efficient regional transit network. With the widening of the Warden Avenue Bridge, expect some traffic delays through the summer.

Watch out for that lane change ahead.

The traffic configuration on Warden Avenue is expected to  be changed again early next month (Nov), as Metrolinx contractors start widening the bridge to make way for another track.

Here’s what that will look like.

On Warden Avenue between Danforth Avenue and Clonmore Drive, the inside lanes will be closed while the contractor widens the centre pier northward.

Widening the pier is the first step towards widening the bridge to carry an additional track. Once the pier is widened, the contractor will widen the abutments, followed by the bridge deck installation.

Image shows the bridge.
Warden bridge looking north. (Metrolinx photo)

The work at the pier will wrap up in late December 2021, however, the total bridge widening work is expected to take about a year. Over the course of the project, traffic impacts will change and advance notice will be provided to the local community.

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Metrolinx understands the inconvenience of the closure and crews will be working hard to get the job done safely and on schedule.

Traffic Impacts

Here are the traffic and pedestrian changes:

  • Traffic will be reduced to single lane conditions in both directions instead of the usual two. 
  • Pedestrians will not be impacted at this time.
  • Increased construction vehicles and equipment can be expected in the work area.
  • Advanced notice of future construction and traffic impacts will be provided.

This stage of construction will not impact any TTC bus routes that operate in the construction area.

Image shows a map of construction
Map of stage 0: existing traffic conditions on Warden Avenue between Danforth Avenue and Clonmore Drive. (Metrolinx image)
Image shows a map of the area.
Map of stage 1: traffic impacts on Warden Avenue between Danforth Avenue and Clonmore Drive. (Metrolinx image)

Those travelling in the area can expect to see construction vehicles and equipment within the rail corridor, on Wardem Avenue, and in the surrounding areas. This  includes pile driving equipment, dozers, a crane, an excavator, concrete trucks, and dump trucks.

Due to the nature of this work, the following is also anticipated:

  • Construction noise
  • Vibrations
  • Dust
  • Site lighting

Metrolinx understands the inconvenience of the closure, and crews will be working hard to get the job done safely and as quickly as possible. Work will occur five days a week (Monday to Friday) between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Those travelling in the area should plan and incorporate extra time for travel.

The Lakeshore East Rail Corridor Expansion project in Toronto includes grading, retaining walls, construction of a new culvert and bridge widenings to accommodate a future fourth track. By building on what is in place today, Metrolinx can improve infrastructure that will deliver faster, two-way, all-day, 15-minute service. This project is part of GO Expansion and supports a larger, system-wide plan to improve GO rail service on core segments of the network.

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Story by Teresa Ko, Metrolinx senior advisor