New video shows artwork going up at Union Station Bus Terminal in Toronto

Union Station Bus Terminal just got a whole lot livelier thanks to a recent cosmetic makeover. Metrolinx News has the latest from Toronto’s downtown bus hub, including a new video of the unique art pieces being installed.

The new Union Station bus terminal is looking pretty good these days.

That’s thanks to a set of new permanent art installations put up on the once bare walls.

“I’m thrilled about it and very happy with the way the installation has turned out, it did exactly what we were hoping to do,” says Anna Passakas, one half of the artist collective Blue Republic.

Blue Republic is a critically acclaimed creative collaboration between Radoslaw Kudlinski and Passakas. Metrolinx News recently featured the artistic duo in a preview story before the art was installed.

The new art installations up on the walls at the Union Station Bus Terminal
The new art installations up on the walls at the Union Station Bus Terminal. (Nitish Bissonauth)

Together, Blue Republic has helped brighten up the Union Station Bus Terminal with their work called ‘On The Road’, a series of colour figures, bold lines, and unique shapes that speak to the universal experience of travel, a theme they say best represents the inside of the building.

The art pieces are on one-eighth of an inch aluminum sheets which were divided into sections to fit onto the existing glass panel wall.

The installation took four days to complete and was complex process – a crew of six people along with a Spyder lift had to be brought in and the aluminum pieces were glued flat onto the glass panel walls using structural silicone and double-sided, super-strong tape.

See the video of the installation here:

Story by Nitish Bissonauth, Metrolinx bilingual spokesperson, media relations