Image shows a bus.

Sold for one dollar, a former GO Transit bus gets new life of service for Peel Regional Police

Transit buses have a limited life cycle. But a bus that is ready to be retired from the daily grind of carrying GO passengers may still be used for some other purposes. That’s why Metrolinx has sold a twelve-and-a-half-year-old bus to Peel Regional Police.

Today (Nov. 25) Peel Regional Police (PRP) received a decommissioned Metrolinx bus for a token payment of one dollar, extending a partnership that goes back to 2013.

The bus will be used for a mix of purposes including transporting recruits for training, community relations activities, a Youth and Police program, training at Canadian Forces Base Borden and tactical deployments.

Image shows a GO bus.
Metrolinx has sold this decommissioned bus to Peel Region Police for one dollar. (Mike Palmieri photo)

Without a bus, PRP had to rent vans which took up time, administrative efforts and money.

“It’s easier to deploy all the officers in a bus,” said Ewan MacGregor, manager of fleet services for PRP.

This is second time Metrolinx has provided a bus for PRP. A bus provided in 2013 lasted until 2020.

“We really appreciate the partnership with Metrolinx,” MacGregor said.

Image shows a GO bus.
After safely moving countless GO passengers to their destinations, the bus will have a second-life. (Metrolinx photo)

While the bus has aged to the point where it is not suitable for daily operations and high milage work on GO routes, it still has enough life it in for special purposes with PRP.

“For us that bus would be working all day versus Peel Region Police where it will be on an ad hoc basis,” said Gabriela Avila, a senior manager in Commercial Management with Metrolinx.

The bus is twelve-and-a-half years old and has logged 1.3 million kilometres. It was sold ‘as is.’ With depreciation, the bus has zero accounting value to Metrolinx.

Image shows a bus.
After being acquired from Metrolinx in 2013, this old GO bus was rebranded by the Peel Regional Police. A second bus, taken over today, will soon have a similar look. (Peel Regional Police photo)

The engine is functioning, but it will require some work. PRP branding will replace GO colours and logos.

“We are essentially donating the bus to Peel Regional Police because we’ve always supported other government agencies,” said Mike Palmieri, a senior manager in Metrolinx Bus Fleet Maintenance.

Metrolinx has previously supplied buses to York Region Police and Centennial College.

Story by Mike Winterburn, Metrolinx News senior writer