Weston GO Station improvements are well underway

Weston GO Station, a community hub and key transit point in Toronto, is receiving much-needed improvements to make way for more train service, part of the broader GO Expansion program, including a new platform and track. Read on to learn more and see progress photos from the site.

Improvements to Weston GO Station are well under way, as GO service expands to better serve customers.

This project will make way for more GO train service (part of the GO Expansion program), including two-way, all-day service to the Kitchener GO Line, seven days a week.

As a vibrant community hub on the Kitchener GO Line, the station serves many commuters, travellers, and airport workers on both the GO and the UP Express lines because of its direct connections to Pearson International Airport, and Union Station in downtown Toronto.

The station’s parking lot also doubles as a space for community events, as well as parking for nearby churches.

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train platform under construction
The canopy and heated shelters on the new platform will help shield customers from weather while they wait for their train. (Metrolinx photo)

Construction started in 2019 to deliver much-needed improvements, including:

  • A new rail platform for GO Transit including a canopy, heated shelters, snow melt system, platform lighting, fare systems, a mini ramp and tactile platform edges
  • A new track through station limits, including a tie into the existing fourth track that is north and south of the station
  • Extension/connection to the existing west and east pedestrian tunnels, including new stairs and elevators
  • Improvements to the existing platform, landscaping, and signage

The new platform will be added for customers using GO trains, allowing UP Express trains to use separate platforms at the station, which means that the station will be able to accommodate increased GO service in the future.

Here are some photos of the current work happening at Weston GO Station:

train tracks with signal bridge
A new track through station limits has been added, which connects to the fourth track that was previously installed to the north and south of the station. (Metrolinx image)
train platform under construction
The new platform’s snow melt system and lighting will keep feet dry in all weather, and provide better visibility and safety for customers while they’re on the platform. (Metrolinx image)
Elevator under construction
New elevators are being added at the new connections to the west and east pedestrian tunnels. (Metrolinx image)
looking down a flight of stairs from a train platform
New stairs are also being added to connect the new platform with the rest of the station and help customers move around more easily. (Metrolinx image)

To help customers find their way in and around the station the final stages of the construction project will see improved landscaping and revised signage being added to reflect the new platform and track numbering.

train platform under construction
A closer look at the new platform and its mini-ramp, which will support accessible boarding for customers. The completed platform will also feature a tactile platform edge. (Metrolinx photo)

Construction on these improvements will conclude in 2022 and will support GO Expansion.

The improvements to Weston GO are one part of the larger GO Expansion program, which will transform much of the GO Transit Network, including on the Kitchener Line from a commuter service to schedule-free travel – with trains every 15-minutes or better, in both directions throughout the day.

By Rosie Hales, Metrolinx senior communications advisor