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Metrolinx to meet virtually with Birch Cliff and Birchmount residents ahead of GO Expansion construction

Metrolinx will be hosting a live virtual meeting in a couple of weeks (Jan. 10) to talk to residents about upcoming construction between Wolcott Avenue and Kennedy Road, in Scarborough. Here’s a look at the upcoming project, including important timelines, as well as more information about the public event.

Metrolinx is holding a virtual public forum to walk through work that’s taking place between Scarborough’s Wolcott Avenue and Kennedy Road.

That construction will lead to greater capacity and updated infrastructure on the second busiest GO rail line in Ontario.  The work on the Lakeshore East line will allow for more reliable, frequent and faster service to communities.

This project paves the way for the creation of a fourth track and for the installation of electrification infrastructure.

Image shows a GO train.
The Lakeshore East GO line keeps improving and expanding. Virtual events help communities keep track of these changes. (Metrolinx photo)

In October 2021, Dufferin Construction, one of the oldest and most experienced construction companies in Canada, was awarded a contract by Metrolinx. Early next year Dufferin Construction staff will begin construction on the northern portion of the rail corridor between Wolcott Avenue, west of Birchmount Avenue, and Kennedy Road. Construction is expected to continue until June 2023.

More information about construction activities and what is included in each of the phases is available in the locally distributed notice.

On Jan. 10 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m., there will be a virtual public meeting to discuss this project and hear from Metrolinx experts. To submit your questions ahead of time or register, click here.

The first stage of work that community members will notice is the removal of trees and vegetation in the track area. This is necessary in order to allow for the installation of a retaining wall.

Metrolinx is committed to sustainability and where removals within Metrolinx’s property/right-of-way, and outside a designated natural area, trees removed would be replaced on a one to one ratio.

Trees located on private or municipal property are compensated based on the tree by-laws for that municipality. As the rail corridor is lower than the surrounding land, a retaining wall will be installed to hold the earth away from the track. Residents will see construction equipment within the rail corridor.

Due to train activity during the day, a majority of the construction work will take place at night. This is necessary so crews can work safely when the trains are not running. Work will occur between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., five days per week (Monday night to Saturday morning). 

Dufferin Construction and Metrolinx will take precaution to ensure the impact on residents is minimal, including having continuous noise monitoring, scheduling noisy work earlier in the evening when possible, minimizing reverse operations and other measures.

The project is expected to be completed in June of 2023.

Throughout the construction phases, Metrolinx will be providing notices to neighbouring doors, ensuring everyone is aware of the project status, specific project phases, and timelines.

You can reach the Metrolinx team at:
Phone: (416) 202-3900  

This virtual open house will be recorded and will be available on the MX Engage site.

Story by Adrian Martins, Metrolinx community relations specialist