Romina stands next to a GO Transit Safety officer and his K9 partner at the UP Express terminal at Union Station.

Heart-warming & mic-dropping: top Metrolinx tweets of 2021

As we say goodbye to 2021, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable moments on Twitter this year from Metrolinx, GO Transit, UP Express and more.

To kick us off, what better than with a musical, holiday-themed gift from one of UP Express’ train operators, Jason Simmons:

In May, Metrolinx shared one of the most heart-warming stories of 2021 as the transit agency and its chief spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins helped make a final wish come true for 21-year-old Romina Asrani, who was born with Down syndrome and has suffered with multiple illnesses since she was a little girl.

2021 was a year of new deals and ways to pay for our customers.

In March, Metrolinx began allowing UP Express riders to use their credit card or mobile wallet to pay for their trip.

This summer, Metrolinx released not one, but two, weekend pass deals for unlimited travel for a flat fare:

Finally, a mic-drop that made headlines courtesy of Anne Marie Aikins (known as AMA, in these parts).

A snarky tweet from Netflix Canada regarding the Eglinton Crosstown started to go viral. But it was no match for AMA, who responded with this comeback:

Netflix Canada then deleted their tweet, so it’s quite clear who came out on top in this light-hearted Twitter tiff.

Story by James Wattie, Metrolinx media relations advisor