Image shows a LRT tunnel.

Oh how they’ve grown – See video of Metrolinx light rail transit projects

This video feature is, well, very moving. We’ve rounded up the best video from construction of light rail transit routes captured in 2021 and wrapped them into one piece. Here’s how to speed through an entire year of progress in just over two minutes. Let’s roll.

Think of this as a bit of a holiday greeting card, capturing the family of Metrolinx light rail transit (LRT) projects.

James Wattie, a Metrolinx advisor for Media and Issues, has rolled back the tape – or digital files – on the Finch West, Crosstown and the Hurontario routes, as they’ve seen substantial advancements over the past twelve months.

Image shows a LRT tunnel.
The LRT projects, including Crosstown, have grown over the past year. (Metrolinx image)

Wattie has captured some of the pivotal points in their continued development, including testing and the arrival of light rail vehicles. And yes, the trips into the tunnels are historic.

Set to some funky music, it’s a good catch-up to routes that will, soon enough, be moving people across regions in and around Toronto.

With the calendar clicking over to 2022, the visuals are a good reminder of how the projects have grown.

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