Image shows a deep construction pit.

See images at Port Credit Station and Push Box progress in new Hurontario LRT photos

New images from across the HuLRT project include some basic, but needed work, including watermain relocations. And there’s also some more headline grabbing toiling going on, including progress at Port Credit Station. Take a look for yourself below. Far below.

We’re going deep to show new work on the Hurontario light rail transit line (HuLRT).

Especially when it comes to activity around Port Credit Station.

Recent images from across the route show routine elements, including watermain and dry utilities relocations. That’s important work on the line.

Image shows a truck and colourful sky overhead.
Set against a winter sky, crews work on asphalt cutting along the route. (Metrolinx photo)
Photo shows a tractor at an intersection.
Among the work involves dealing with wet utilities under and around HuLRT. (Metrolinx photo)

But the star of the gallery, this week, is a nice image down into the expanse of HuLRT progress at Port Credit Station. It’s a bit of a long way down.

Image shows a deep construction pit.
A look way down on work going on at Port Credit Station. The orange blankets are to help the work, and concrete, weather the cold winter months. (Metrolinx photo)

As well, while Metrolinx News has been keeping readers up to date on progress on the ‘Push Box’, we thought we’d add in another recent photo from that section – because the engineering is so intriguing.

Image shows a site, including tractors and two tunnels.
Crews work on the ‘push box’ section of the route. It’s some of the most sophisticated engineering along the line. (Metrolinx photo)

And if you want to know more about the Push Box, here’s a recent story.

See video of ‘pre-push’ work on Hurontario LRT – Metrolinx News

As a reminder, the18-kilometre Hurontario Light Rail Transit will feature 19 stops, travel through two urban growth centres and connect to major transit systems including GO Transit (Milton and Lakeshore West lines), the Mississauga Transitway, Brampton Transit, ZUM and MiWay. The Hurontario LRT will also have its own dedicated lane ensuring a smooth, reliable and convenient ride along the region’s busiest street. 

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